Ramesh Ponnuru Vs The Pondering American

19 11 2006

The latter says that the Dobbs/Buchanan mentality lost on election day.  Ramesh Ponnuru, on This Week with George Stephanopoulos this morning on ABC, said that the Dobbs/Buchanan wing of the Republican party gained strength and influence.

I agree with Ponnuru that the Dobbs/Buchanan mentality gained influence, but I disagree that there is a “Dobbs/Buchanan wing of the Republican Party.”  There are populist/nationalist voters, and I think that, in a given election, the majority of white people will vote for the legitimate candidate (i.e. usually Democrat or Republican) that is more populist/nationalist than the other(s).

Those kind of voters tend to lean Republican these days, simply because of the Democrats’ left-wing extremism on racial and cultural issues.  However, they are not Republican goosesteppers, (and apparently, goosestepping for the Republican Party is the only principle that matters among a few bloggers I know of), and will vote for Democrats or stay home if they don’t think they have a populist/nationalist dog in the fight.  We saw that about two weeks ago.



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