Occam’s Razor

21 11 2006

I think I owe all of you a little bit of an apology.

The reason is that I think I have been chasing something of a golden unicorn.  In an intellectual sense, I have been chasing an animal that does not exist, when I should have been looking for an animal that does exist.

I can’t say that I have fifty years of experience in The Movement, like some people I know, but I can say for absolute certainty that I’m older than I used to be.  (That’s actually true for every living human being).  Therefore, I have come to understand many things that could only be understood as a matter of actually living.

One of the things I have learned, and this lesson was a painful one to absorb, is that most people do most things they do for motivations that are depressingly simple, and not overwhemingly cerebral.  Occam’s Razor states that the simplest explanation for a given question is probably the most accurate, so when it comes to understanding human motivations, the simpler concepts are more accurate than long, drawn-out Doctorate theses.

In recent months, and for various reasons, the school of thought and the political movement known as anarchy has surfaced on our radar screens.  One of the big mysteries that we are trying to solve is why anarchists believe and advocate the things they do.  Actually, we have more questions than that related to anarchy, but that one is the most burning in our minds.

At first, this writer settled on a more intellectual explanation of their modes of thought that are so FUBAR that it’s both funny and not funny simultaneously.

However, I think pursuing an intellectual thesis to this question has been my error all along.  It hit me like a ton of bricks last night.  I think there is a real simple, Occam’s Razor answer to explain why anarchists do what they do, and advocate what they advocate.  It will make even more sense when you consider the “depressingly simple motivations” lesson I gained from experience.

Consider these four facts about modern-day anarchists:

(1)  They may have a lot of ideas about many political issues, but there’s one issue that gets them out on the streets with their street theater and (in some cases) violence:  Immigration.  To say that anarchists are for open borders is about on par with saying that the Pope is some sort of Catholic priest.

(2)  In the foreign arena, their big issue is supporting the “rebels” in the Oaxaca region of southern Mexico.  Anybody who knows the situation there knows that the “rebels” aren’t some sort of Jeffersonian freedom fighters.  Yes, they want “freedom,” but for a very pernicious reason.  If you already know the reason, then that’s a giveaway of my final answer.

(3)  Most anarchists, or at least the ones that would pound the pavement, are college-age individuals.

(4)  Anarchists are fanatically scared of cops, especially local cops with primary patrolling and enforcement responsibility.

Okay, put “Mexican gangs,” “Open Borders,” “Hate local cops,” and “College-Aged” together.  If you can solve the equation, then you will have arrived at what I think is the really simple answer that explains the motivation for anarchist “ideology.”

Give up?

Here’s the answer:


While there are genuinely intellectual anarchists, I think that most anarchists do what they do because they want to secure their plentiful supply of illicit drugs with a minimum of domestic legal scrutiny.  I think that most anarchists are simply drug addicts who subconsciously use portions of the ideology of anarchy as a pseudo-political front for their real desire, the requisition of illegal drugs.

This does not answer some of our other fundamental questions about anarchists.  However, I have come to understand about history that most movements or phenomenon can be explained using very simple concepts, in spite of the volumes of intellectual prose that arise from such a movement or phenomenon.  This isn’t just true of anarchists, it’s true for just about everything.



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