Yellow Carmelo

16 12 2006

There was a brawl near the end of tonight’s NBA game between the Denver Nuggets and the New York Knicks in New York. The brawl featured one Carmelo Anthony of the Nuggets, and nine other players, who were ejected and will probably face fines and suspensions.

I was watching some streaming video on ESPN’s website in the fight postmortem. At one point, it showed a clip of Mr. Anthony being interviewed in his team’s locker room. At the time when he was being interviewed, he was wearing only a sleeveless tank top undershirt above the waist, exposing the full length of his arms and all its tattoos. I noticed something amiss, and took this screenshot and cropped it leaving the still shot in question. Regard:

Have you noticed the anomaly?

It’s on his left shoulder, i.e. the right side shoulder of the image. It’s the WB logo.

I highly doubt that AOL Time Warner would ink professional athletes to sponsorship deals then countenance the idea of their flouting their sponsor by means of body artistry. Therefore, I think the WB in this case means Warn-A-Brother. In other words, “If You See Da Police, Warn-A-Brother.”

This theory is further evidenced by the fact that Mr. Anthony has appeared in an underground DVD called “Stop Snitching,” that was produced and initially circulated in Mr. Anthony’s native Baltimore. The DVD encouraged African-Americans not to turn evidence against fellow blacks who were criminal defendants, and made threatening overtures that those who did would be assassinated.

So add “Stop Snitching” to “Warn-A-Brother,” and it seems that Mr. Anthony here really has a bad attitude toward cops at the very least, if he’s not totally rotten to the core. The man has really serious issues that he ought to spend some of his money to have a head shrink straighten out, or he’s going to wind up looking at a lengthy stretch on the wrong side of some iron bars pretty soon.

Like he shouldn’t already: This is also emblematic of the modern day racial double standard. Compare Carmelo Anthony to Matt Hale. In case you forgot, the latter made a maybe-so maybe-not threat to have a Federal judge assassinated, and Federal prosecutors were able to make 12 people think that the threat was maybe-so, such that Mr. Hale is in the process of spending more than three decades in a Federal prison. Mr. Anthony’s perfidy on the DVD is far less ambiguous.

UPDATE 2/22/2008: A reader, who calls himself “Coach,” and claims to know Mr. Anthony personally, e-mailed me and advanced the hypothesis that “WB” means “West Baltimore,” or rather, the west end of his home town.

UPDATE 2/23/2011: The server which hosted the image that used to be in this post borked forever some time ago, so this post has been without photographic proof.  Tonight, I found this image that shows the “WB” tattoo, in his first game as part of the New York Knicks:






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