I Knew He Was A Winner

21 12 2006

Last month, I specifically cited Missouri Circuit Court Judge Robert Dierker of the 21st Circuit as one that should be retained, being mindful of the fact that no judge has ever been rejected in the history of the Missouri non-partisan plan.

He has a new book out, called The Tyranny of Tolerance.  The topic of the book is self-explanatory.  I hope Judge Dierker has ambitions for higher elected office.




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21 12 2006
Dierker on ‘Tolerance’ « For the Crown Rights…

[…] I’ve never heard of this guy, but I’m not from Missouri. I’m glad we have the St. Louis CofCC to point him out. He’s Judge Robert Dierker, who clearly knows what the American view of law and government is, aside from his support for the war on “terror” (how can you wage war on a tactic?). […]

2 07 2010
Brought To You By « Countenance Blog

[…] the name of a living current or retired non-Supreme Court judge on this medium.  Mainly because I mentioned him before, but in a context not related to his tenure on the […]

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