Battered Republicanette Syndrome

3 01 2007

Schlafly’s latest column concerns the two Hispanic-American Border Patrol agents that were railroaded all the way into Federal prison.  As usual, she nails the facts and the opinion, except with these two mushy bromides, which are probably indicative of her being a victim of Battered Republicanette Syndrome to a small extent:

This case exposes the misplaced priorities of the Bush Administration……….This case is a test of George Bush’s character, compassion, and concern for drugs coming across our border.

No, there are no “misplaced priorities,” and this isn’t a “test” related to any of those C-words.  The Bush Administration and a good portion of the American government is bought and paid for by Big Multinational Corporate “America” which wants cheap labor, and neutering the U.S.eless Border Patrol is part of the deal.


The Missing Facts

3 01 2007

Title of an article in the Toronto Star via Hogtown Front:

Gun Crime:  The Bleak Facts

And now some block quotes:

If the weapons used in these crimes are ever found, they will be turned over to the gun and gang task force that keeps track of all guns considered “criminal” – any firearm used in a robbery or taken from a suspect.

It’s entirely the gun’s fault.  Them little boogers, I tell you, they certainly have a knack for evolving appendages and free will.  Somebody’s gotta get ’em under control, before they evolve real intelligence, then the whole of humanity will be slaves to this race of omnipotent, omniscient metallic rods.

But shotguns and rifles – some of them registered with the Canadian Firearms Registry – are also being used for criminal purposes, wrote Wendy Cukier, president of the Coalition for Gun Control, in an email after reviewing the figures.


The statistics also show that Toronto police are only seizing a small number of the estimated 5,000 firearms reported missing each year across Canada. The task force recorded just 40 stolen firearms recovered as of Dec. 18.

Several major break-ins last year targeted gun owners in the Toronto area.

“A shotgun inside your house makes a beautiful weapon for a gang member,” Press said. Dozens of recovered guns couldn’t be traced because serial numbers were removed, he added.


Most firearms are destroyed when police complete their investigations. A gun in someone’s house, even if owned by someone lawfully able to do so, is “a break and enter waiting to happen,” Press said.

Like, DUH.  Hasn’t anyone on that side of the border thought to put two and two together to get four?  Perhaps the reason why legit owners of long guns are targets for burglars and their theft of the guns is PRECISELY BECAUSE they’re registered, with name and address of owner.  This probably means that there’s a mole inside of Canada’s gun registry bureaucracy feeding this kind of info to the thug world.

This matches several scandals on this side of the border, where, in a few states, newspapers have published names of CCW permit holders, making them instant targets in more ways than one.  The point of carrying concealed rather than open is to keep the element of surprise on your side, and to keep you from being an obvious target for instant assassination.

There are 847 words in that article relating to crime in Toronto, and yet, the writers, reporters and editors of the Toronto Star didn’t have it in them to have one of those 847 words mention the obvious reason, race.

Update on the Cape Girardeau Hate Crime

3 01 2007

Alexander Harris, 17, of Cape Girardeau, skated on hate.

Prosecutors evidently were unable to prove enmity based on disability in the Cape Girardeau prosthetic leg assault from late last summer, even though a number of eyewitnesses reported that they heard one of the two PTBs refer to the white victim as “noobs,” before they assaulted him, (“noobs” is a pejorative referring to a person with a missing or amputated leg or arm). So the adult suspect and the Cape Girardeau County Circuit Attorney struck a plea deal; six months in county for misdemeanor assault.

Reverse the races of victim and perpetrator, and I think the end result would have been a period of time much longer than six months, and in a place much meaner than the Cape County hoosegow.

Fear Not My Dictator

3 01 2007

News 1130 of Vancouver, B.C., via AR:

A politician who is internationally condemned for destroying his country has agreed to his first Western media interview in years. Zimbabweans describe life as being ‘tough’ with an 80 per cent unemployment rate, the spread of AIDS, and a currency not even worth printing.

Jonathan Roth asked Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe whether he was afraid of retirement, since the International Criminal Court may go after him.  Mugabe says that just observing the situation that he probably wants to die in office because that’s the only real way to guarantee immunity from the ICC.

Oh, puh-leeze.  If the “international community” had it in them to haul Mugabe in for human rights violations, they would have done so years ago, and they would have also enacted a near-global boycott of Zimbabwe, regardless of whether Mugabe was still on the throne or still living.  You and I know the white elephant (pun intended) of a reason why it hasn’t happened yet, and will never happen.

Further evidence of my statement is that this article has no indication of what Mr. Mugabe’s “crimes against humanity” are, and certainly no mention of his blantant anti-white bigotry and near-genocidal racism.  If a Vancouver radio station can’t bring itself to publish these truths on its own website, what makes them or anyone think that the UN/ICC will “go after him?”

Battered Student-Athlete Syndrome

3 01 2007

Duke wants their two non-rapist lacrosse players back.  Remember, Duke’s administration essentially countenanced the Nifong witch-hunt by cancelling the remainder of their 2006 lacrosse season last year and firing the team’s head coach.

If Messrs. Finnerty and Seligmann return to Duke, then they haven’t learned anything from the whole ordeal.

It’s Too Late, Georgey

3 01 2007


President George W. Bush said on Wednesday the budget he presents to Congress next month will aim to balance the budget by 2012 and make lower tax rates permanent.

“Next month I will submit a five-year budget proposal that will balance the federal budget by 2012,” Bush said after a meeting at the White House with top administration officials.

Notwithstanding anything weird happening, the last budget Bush will sign before leaving the White House will cover FY 2009, October 1, 2008 through September 30, 2009.  How he thinks he can plan for or receive credit for the Federal budget in 2012 is beyond me.

Prediction Watch

3 01 2007

The first part of #4 of my 2007 Predictions almost came to pass last night already; Dr. Bourisaw only survived by one vote as it was.  Eventually she will probably quit in a Nixonian sense.

As for #7, here was the headline on the front of Drudge as of the time of this writing:


“Or Else.”