Battered Republicanette Syndrome

3 01 2007

Schlafly’s latest column concerns the two Hispanic-American Border Patrol agents that were railroaded all the way into Federal prison.  As usual, she nails the facts and the opinion, except with these two mushy bromides, which are probably indicative of her being a victim of Battered Republicanette Syndrome to a small extent:

This case exposes the misplaced priorities of the Bush Administration……….This case is a test of George Bush’s character, compassion, and concern for drugs coming across our border.

No, there are no “misplaced priorities,” and this isn’t a “test” related to any of those C-words.  The Bush Administration and a good portion of the American government is bought and paid for by Big Multinational Corporate “America” which wants cheap labor, and neutering the U.S.eless Border Patrol is part of the deal.




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