This Puppy Was A Sick One

9 02 2007

This is the black homosexual rapist robber burglar home-invader stalker coward Keith Chester Hill, as he was being led into court for a hearing today.

The following missive and it source article is a bit graphic. Discretion is advised.

Houston Chronicle:

In the case that led to charges against Hill, Calligan said in court that the suspect confronted the man at his home, tied his hands and taped his eyes and mouth.

Hill drove the victim to an ATM and used the victim’s debit card to withdraw money twice, Calligan said. They then went to a secluded area where Hill forced the victim to perform oral sex on him. Hill then hit the victim in the head with the pistol.

Outside the car, Hill lay with his naked victim in a field, Calligan said, then took photos that he later posted on his My Space Web page. After cutting the ties off of the victim’s hands, Hill hurriedly left.

I suppose the only good news from this ordeal is that this thing didn’t murder any of his victims, like the perversity-obsessed Carr Brothers of Wichita did, else Mr. Hill would have wound up on this webpage.




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6 04 2007
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