Can the State Department Really Be This Dangerous?

13 02 2007

Or did Grover “Let’s Get All These Muslims To Vote Republican” Norquist become Secretary of State overnight?

Washington Times:

The State Department, concerned about a “nativist surge” in Western Europe, has created a position to coordinate efforts to reach out to European Muslims and help them better integrate into society, a senior official said yesterday.

If they mean “nativist surge” among European whites for nationalistic pride, then I’m for it there, and I’m for it here.

What I’m gleaning from this paragraph and article is that the State Department wants the Yankee Government to try to make alliances with European Muslims to undercut the white Euro nativism, which State thinks includes too many anti-American implications. With tomfoolery like that, it’s no wonder Euro whites have a hard on for our Yankee government.

Remember, in this same spirit, our Yankee Government is lobbying for Turkey to become part of the European Union, to reward our supposed ally in the Middle East (though they’re not that good of an ally). This would mean that Turks would have free movement around EU member states, so it’s no wonder that white Europeans oppose Turkey joining the EU.

The growing Muslim presence in Europe is “a fascinating issue and one that the American government is just now trying to get its mind around,” Mr. Fried told editors and reporters at The Washington Times.

Fascinating???? It’s outright dangerous.  Bombings, crime sprees, riots.  Not so fascinating when you’re a victim of one.   And pray tell, State, what of the growing Muslim presence here?

“Europe has to learn to do that,” he said. “You have a weird nativist surge in Western Europe, and a kind of odd panic: Aliens are here, they don’t accept our values, they are a threat to our way of life and turn to radicalism.”

Gee, where would Euro whites get a silly idea like that?



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