Ultra Left Wing SPLC Declares AOH an Extremist Hate Group

17 03 2007

NOTE TO DUMMIES:  This is not a real news story.  This is a parody of a real story covered on the CofCC National Website several hours before this writing. 

The well funded ultra-left wing Southern Poverty Law Center, which Harpers Weekly, Montgomery Advertiser, The Nation, Fairfax Journal, and many others have denounced as con artists, has added the Ancient Order of Hibernians to their list of ‘Hate Groups.’ Traditionally the SPLC has raised it’s tens of millions a years by harping on neo-nazi skinheads and the kkk. With the skinheads and the klan dwindling the SPLC has searched for new targets to keep their donations coming in.

From the St. Louis Pest-Displaced:

However, Dr. Hiding Bytegrinch, spokesperson for the SPLC says that the AOH, whose St. Louis Chapter sponsors the annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade through the Dogtown neighborhood of St. Louis City, was added to the Center’s no holds barred, rock’em sock’em, get’em while they’re hot, while supplies last, marked down to the bare bones list of extremist hate groups, because “the Hibernians are skating dangerously close to having Irish pride.”

Fr. Timothy Dempsey, head of the St. Louis AOH, when asked about the SPLC’s recent classification of the AOH as a hate group, said, “Huh? Isn’t this the same bunch that hates Catholics?” while a nun could be overheard in the background yelling, “Who the f**k are these nutjobs?”




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22 03 2007
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