Another Clever African AIDS Cure

4 04 2007

“The more insane an idea is, the more separated an idea is from facts, logic, reason and evidence, and the more ridiculous an idea is, the more likely it is that it will be accepted as common currency in the black community” — E.P.H.

First it was Gambia and their green paste, and now Ethiopia has developed a novel cure for AIDS.

As men have to be completely naked and sometimes chained together while being showered with the healing holy water, the imagery hearkening to chattel slavery is too apt to pass up. However, the women get to wear panties while receiving the shower, and don’t have to be naked.

This must be some pretty potent, gender-aware, sharp-visioned and intelligent holy water. It must know that it is only allowed to cure a man’s AIDS if he is completely naked while receiving the touch of the drops, and only allowed to cure a woman’s AIDS if she is wearing nothing more than panties.




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8 05 2011
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