Hat Trick

11 05 2007

Another way that a sombrero helped somebody beat the rap

The Blotter by ABC:

State prosecutors in North Carolina offered a plea deal and freed a suspected drug trafficker after it was revealed that a DEA agent forced the Mexican-born man to pose for a photo wearing a sombrero and holding a Mexican flag.


“It was certainly very humiliating to my client,” said attorney Jeff Cutler, who represents Jorge Hernandez-Villalvazo, 42, who was originally scheduled to stand trial on cocaine trafficking charges this week.

First off, if the DEA made the bust, then why isn’t this in Federal court? After all, the U.S. Justice Department doesn’t usually yield to states’ rights.

Second, I wonder if such leniency would be granted to white criminal suspects who were similarly humiliated by the cops that arrest them.

I suppose this means that if the sombrero fits, you must acquit.




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