Can the State Department Really Be This Dangerous? Part 2

13 05 2007

In our continuing serial about the U.S. State Department’s continuing war on European nationalist movements, we find out that Voice of America, essentially a State Department mouthpiece, is worried that Serbian nationalist leader Tomislav Nikolic, who just won election as the Speaker of the Serbian Parliament, only won his election through use of “hate speech.”

An example, from VOA via Tongue Tied:

At a news briefing, State Department Spokesman Sean McCormack said reports of the debate leading to Nikolic’s election suggest it harkened back to the bad days of “hate speech” of the Milosevic era, where politicians were characterized as either patriots or traitors depending on whether they supported the regime.

So, Nikolic essentially said that you’re “either with us, or against us.” That sounds very familiar. I wonder if the State Department would accuse him of using “hate speech.”

The irony of that is that so-called “hard line” Serbs are more “with us” on the War on Radical Islam than the Clinton and Bush regimes could know, in that they are/were checking Balkan Muslims. Yet, we have been hindering their ability to help us. That refrain sounds familiar as well.

UPDATE 2:10 PM:  He quit today.



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13 05 2007
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