Remember Patterson’s First Axiom

15 06 2007

In an effort “to ease racial tensions in the [British] small towns, rural areas and suburbs,” the British government is considering policies like, according to the UK Daily Mail:

Teenagers may be called on to attend citizenship ceremonies side by side with immigrants under plans to improve relations with the newcomers.

They would be asked to go to their local town hall to pledge allegiance to the Queen, just as immigrants must do to win British citizenship.

The idea is to establish a bond between those born here and those who choose to make Britain their home.

If adopted by the Government, it would mean 600,000 16-year-olds each year going through a ceremony that includes a pledge of allegiance to the monarch and loyalty to Britain, along with a vow to “respect its rights and freedoms, uphold its democratic values’ and ‘observe its laws faithfully”.


This included the formation of ‘hit squads’ to go into areas struggling with racial change. Using “conflict resolution” skills, they would advise local leaders, schools and hospitals on how to calm trouble.

This means the British government has never heard of Patterson’s First Axiom. They assume that there is “racial tension” (read: white dissent from the doctrine of racial diversity, and interest in and votes for the BNP) because whites, especially young whites, don’t have enough experience with diversity. The truth is that the “tension” exists because enough whites, especially young whites, do have enough experience with diversity.

If this proposal becomes law, it will only increase the “racial tension” (i.e. white racial awareness) in the country.

Philosophically, this measure is based on the liberal egalitarian assumption that native white Britons have no more a legitimate claim on the country than legal immigrants.  Or, in other words, a 15-year old native Briton is no more a potential citizen than any given legal immigrant.




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