Not On Their Radar Screen

20 06 2007

Canadian conservatives are getting ready to protest the third summit of the “Security and Prosperity Partnership,” a precursor to the North American Union, which would be a formal merging of the political structures of the USA, Canada and Mexico. This summit is scheduled for Montebello, Quebec, in August.

Question: Where are the anarchists and other assorted far-left goobers? Especially considering the way they show off to protest other globalization meetings and summits, starting in Seattle in 1999 and extending to the present, and considering that they are stronger in Canada than they are here (ask Jared Taylor), one would think they would be all over this.

As far as I can discern, not only do they not seem to want to pound Montebello’s pavement in consternation of the SPP/NAU, they don’t even seem to have the NAU as an issue of angst on their radar screen, even though it’s representative of the same kind of globalization they supposedly dislike.

Because the NAU would essentially mean legalized open borders between the USA and Mexico, I think I have already explained the contradiction.



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