Gephardt and Lott

26 06 2007

Dick Gephardt has joined another corporate board, as he continues to live inside the beltway and cash in on his influence and knowledge, to rack in the cash after his political retirement.

Yes, this is the same Gephardt that once spoke to a picnic of the Metro South [St. Louis] Citizens Council, and gleefully had his picture taken in front of Confederate flags, and bloviated about his opposition to school deseg (forced busing).

Nothing he did in the final 24 of his 28-year tenure in Congress suggested that he was ever that kind of person.

This is the same thing that’s happening with Trent Lott and the immigration issue. I think he’s selling out to agribusiness interests in his state, so that he can make like Gephardt, dump all over the people in his state that voted him in as Congressman and Senator for many terms, and fly off and live inside the beltway, and sell his influence to lobbyists.



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