Unity Will Always Elude Africa

13 07 2007

CNS News:

When the African Union website opens, a welcome message declares that “Africa must unite.” But while such sentiment may be growing, an initiative to move the continent towards a formal union has failed.

African leaders meeting for the 9th A.U. Summit in Accra, Ghana, this month considered as a key agenda item a report commissioned by the bloc that recommended steps culminating in a single African government by 2012. But most African leaders rejected the hugely ambitious plan, at least for the time being, saying regional blocs should be strengthened first.

Good luck. East Africans in a little east African country couldn’t even get along to the point where one ethnicity slaughtered a million of the other in an attempt at genocide in 1994. How East Africans, West Africans, South Africans, Arabs and North Africans are supposed to compete for singular control of a unitary continental state without butchering each other is beyond me.

If there can be such a thing as a semi-successful AU, it will have to: (1) Apply only to sub-Saharan (i.e. black) Africa, (2) Allow for three sub-AU semi-sovereign entities encompassing the three major types of black Africans, (3) erase the current political map of sub-Saharan Africa, a legacy of European colonialism, and redraw the boundaries around tribes and ethnicities, (4) restore Zimbabwe and South Africa to white rule.



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