Whatever Happened to Worries about “Culture of Corruption?”

1 08 2007

One of the reasons, according to conventional wisdom, that Democrats were able to win back the House last year is that they were going to beat back corruption. An ethics bill to help make good on that promise passed the House yesterday by a 411-8 vote, which means that a lot of Republicans were opposed to the “Republican culture of corruption.”

Michael Savage read the list of the eight no voters last night, and two of those eight names jumped right out at me. Missouri Political News Service covered these two names today, those being both of Missouri’s black Democrats in the House, William “Lazy” Clay of St. Louis and Emanuel Cleaver of Kansas City.

MOPNS speculates that:

Many are probably asking: “After Jack Abramhoff and all the other lobbying scandals that broke last year, how could these two politically vote against lobbying reform?” Simple. Neither will ever have to worry about raising tons of money because they are in very safe districts. Especially safe is Clay, who in 2000, inherited his seat from his father who served in Congress for thirty plus years. It’s a shame they can vote the way they do and not have to worry about the consequences back home.

My mind is running in an even more pernicious direction. This bill includes new penalties for convictions of felony bribery and corruption, (Randy “Duke” Cunningham, anyone?) including the forfeiture of Congressional pensions.

Without making any specific allegations, I’ll just ask this: What do Clay and Cleaver know about themselves that we don’t know about them?



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