And People Died for the Right to Vote

15 11 2007

The Politico:

Two-thirds say they’ll do it for a year’s tuition. And for a few, even an iPod touch will do.

That’s what NYU students said they’d take in exchange for their right to vote in the next presidential election, a recent survey by an NYU journalism class found.

Only 20 percent said they’d exchange their vote for an iPod touch.

But 66 percent said they’d forfeit their vote for a free ride to NYU. And half said they’d give up the right to vote forever for $1 million.

But they also overwhelmingly lauded the importance of voting.

You’ve heard the phrase that people vote their pocketbooks?  Turns out that some people would sacrifice the vote for their material gratification.  In the long run, though, perhaps it’s not such a bad thing if certain NYU students aren’t voting.  I wonder what it would take for NYU faculty to give up the vote?

I guess that they don’t think that voting is that important after all.




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