Good Job, KMOX

19 11 2007

For the first time in my conscious lifetime, and much longer than that, the words “University of Missouri football” and “national championship possibilities” can be used together in something other than a punchline.

Actually, I regret that my favorite neo-con punching bag down in Louisiana has seemed to have left the blogosphere. I used to like to tweak him every time his precious LSU (also with the mascot “Tigers”) lost, and now that LSU will probably be the other team in the Sugar Bowl (in New Orleans, go figure), this year’s BCS game which will decide college skins’ national champion, I could have had a lot of fun jerking his chain. But I digress.

Almost as if they were swans returning to the Mission at San Juan Capistrano every March 19, the mainstream sports media, every late December/early January, and again in mid-March, and to correspond to the selection of the ten BCS college football teams and the 65 teams for the NCAA men’s basketball tournament (respectively), will give us a story about how those particular schools, and their coaches and athletic programs and departments, aren’t doing a good enough job graduating their players.

I have already taken that argument apart, twice.

Since Mizzou is seriously in the hunt this football season, the local media have made a story of their graduation rates. Teasers on breaks of the Rush Limbaugh show today on KMOX stated that Paul Harris, on his show that follows Rush on weekdays, would be spending an hour of this afternoon’s show talking about Mizzou’s 60% graduation rate in the football program, in the context of the student-athletes being unable to absorb a college education. I was unable to listen to the Paul Harris show itself, but that teaser might have been indicative of the fact that PH himself strayed from the usual MSSM reasoning, and didn’t blame the coaches, and AD bureaucrats, but the football players themselves. If so, good job Paul Harris, and good job, KMOX.



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