Born to be Wild, and Cute as All Creation

20 11 2007


ST. LOUIS — St. Louis Zoo officials are trying to determine how a cheetah cub got out of its exhibit for a short time.

The cub escaped around 10:45 a.m. Monday on a day when the popular zoo in Forest Park was crowded, in part because of the unseasonably warm weather. The cub was found a short time later, about 30 feet from the exhibit. It was unharmed.

A zoo worker tranquilized the cub.

While the cub was out, zoo visitors were told to go into buildings, but the zoo was not evacuated.

Of all the cat species, domestic and wild, I’m partial to cheetah cubs as the cutest.  If this cub that escaped was about the age of the cub in the above picture, then I’m sure people would have been going toward it, and not away from it.




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