Family Matters

24 01 2008

I know all of you are sophisticated enough not to buy the common bromide given by retiring politicians or professional athletes and coaches that they want to spend more time with their family.  Therefore, when Governor Matt Blunt said it in his shocking announcement of a few days ago, nobody believed it.  If I had a dime for every time the excuse was used, I’d be somewhere between Warren Buffet and Bill Gates.

However, I can prove that Blunt is blowing smoke.  It can’t be said that his current job inhibits his family matters, because he lives in the freakin’ GOVERNORS MANSION, with his wife and infant son.  His job means that he can be around his family virtually all of the time.  Whatever he’s going to do after next January, it will probably involve something spending multiple hours of the day away from his house and his beloved wife and son, meaning he can’t possibly spend more time with his family.  The only way he could be telling the truth here is that if Mitt Romney wins the nomination, picks Blunt as the r/m, and the ticket wins this November.




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