7 02 2008

Assuming that nothing drastic happens, either John McCain, Hillary Rodham Clinton, or Barack Obama is the next President of the United States. This will be the first time since 1960 that someone will have jumped from the U.S. Senate to the Presidency. The experience in recent decades is that Presidents usually come from the ranks of state governors.

In fact, only five times has someone made the direct jump from the Senate to the White House.  Before JFK, there was Warren Harding, Benjamin Harrison, Franklin Pierce, and William Henry Harrison.  Therefore, two of those five times were a grandfather-grandson combo.


Shooting At Kirkwood City Hall

7 02 2008

Coverage at St. Louis CofCC Blog.

It’s Times Like These

7 02 2008

Don’t get me wrong, I have missed the late great Dr. Samuel T. Francis every day in the just about three years now since he has passed. But it’s days like these that I miss him the most. Imagine the field day he would be having with this year’s Republican primaries, and the media-engineered resuscitation of the McCain campaign. I could imagine he would gloat over the bankruptcy of Conservatism Inc., “mainstream” conservatism, the conservative movement, the neo-cons, the Stupid Party, many Republican-leaning voters, not to mention that McCain’s victory in the Republican primaries followed by his defeat in November will be the ultimate repudiation of the Karl Rove-r-rated “Hispanic Strategy” hatched in 2000.

By the way, talk radio is ablaze about how McCain is comparing himself to Reagan. What’s the problem with that? McCain is so much like Reagan in many critical ways (amnesty, cough cough, amnesty, Chicanophilia in general). The right-wing has to get over this Dutcholyatry.

As I’m typing this, the flash has come across that Romney has suspended his campaign (read: quit). This means that Johnael McHuckabee has won.  But Romney’s being semi-officially “out” will help Ron Paul win a state.

Fun With Headlines

7 02 2008

P-D:  Macy’s layoffs blow to downtown, local economy

And to Mayor Slay’s ego.  Wither that ballpark village, mayor?

KSDK:  Students Suspended For Wearing Controversial Shirts

I thought safe sex and condoms were the official mottos of public schools.

Mannies:  Hulshof lines up legislators’ support

Reparations Rod Jetton is supporting the most liberal Republican in the race.  What a shock.

McPaper:  Crime wave has grip on New Orleans

It would only be news if there were a dearth of crime.

McPaper:  Al-Qaeda tries to salvage image

The next story like this will cast AQ as a “community activist organization.”

CNN:   Clinton lent $5 million to her campaign before Super Tuesday

And if it isn’t paid back, will she sue herself and garnish her own property?

Reuters:   Phoenix acquire O’Neal from Miami

Joe Arpaio has already promised to send Reserve Deputy O’Neal and his 7’1″ 325-lb frame against the valley’s illegal aliens.

Time:   Does McCain Have the Right Stuff?

No, he has the left stuff.

AP:   Obama bullish; Clinton looks to March

At first glance, I thought the second word was a cuss word.  Not that it would have been factually incorrect.

Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut

7 02 2008

WCCO-CBS-4 Mpls-St. Paul:

Mugger Who Licks Woman’s Toes Sentenced

A Minneapolis man has been sentenced to five years of probation after police say he robbed a woman of her keys and cell phone then took off her shoes and licked her toes.

On Wednesday, Carlton Jermaine Davis, 26, was sentenced in Ramsey County Court to probation and evaluation for the next five years. According to the sentence, if Davis doesn’t complete probation he will have to serve 21 months in prison.

According to the criminal complaint, Davis approached a woman who was leaving work around 1 a.m. last September. He said to her, in a very demanding voice, “put your cell phone and purse inside the bag”.

The complaint said that the 24-year-old woman was frightened so she complied. After giving Davis her belongings he demanded she take her shoes off. She did and Davis responded “Now I’m going to suck your feet”.

And I suppose Minneapolis has no dippy farms anymore.  This character looks like he needs one in the worst way.