Trash Pants

19 02 2008

Someone e-mailed me pointing to this site, called Trash Pants. Trash Pants are a series of pants that appear somewhat baggy, and appear to sag, but the appearance of exposed boxer shorts are built in, and actually part of the pants themselves. The person who e-mailed me was the founder of the company, who thanked me for what she thought was reasonable commentary on this blogmeister’s part about the political paranoia about sagging pants, though she and I have disagreements about a few things.

However, here’s an interesting dilemma. What if you buy a pair of Trash Pants, and you wear them in public within the city limits of, e.g. Delcambre, Louisiana? You will appear to be violating the town’s ordinance, and you will surely be detained by one of the city’s Finest, but because that which appears to be the boxer shorts are actually part of the pants, you’re literally not. Does the cop cite you, or not?




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