Who Is Rozita Swinton?

19 04 2008

We don’t know exactly who she is, or what connection she has to a polygamist sect in western Texas, but we do know that she is not a 16-year old girl named Sarah that called a child abuse hotline while being locked in a basement within the compound. In reality, she is a 33-year old woman, who made the phone call from somewhere in Colorado Springs, with a cell phone that has a Nashville area code.

A regular poster at American Renaissance thinks that she was opposed to white people having large families, so she made up an identity and a story and phoned it in. I’m not sure about that, but if there are any criminal charges that come down because of this raid, they might all be in danger in court because of the questionable tip.

Also, the girls and young women removed from the compound would have probably been better off at the compound than in DFS/CPS custody. Often times, they’re more abusive towards children than the abusers.

UPDATE 4/21: Also an Obama superdel from Colorado.  The SPLC has criticized the sect for its racial exclusivity, so the racial motivation for her false hotline call becomes more probable.




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