Fun With Channel 2’s Headlines

10 05 2008

C-Trib:  World explodes as presidential contender [Mike Gravel] does Soulja Boy dance

But being 14th on the pop charts makes you a lot more famous than being in 14th place among Democrat Presidential contenders.

KCBS-2 L.A.:  Arrested, School On Lockdown After 600 [blacks and Hispanics] fight

It won’t be but a few days until we read a story that there isn’t really black-Hispanic tension in L.A., it’s only that some white racists are making it up to divide and conquer.

KATU-ABC-2 Portland:  Reactions mixed on children’s marijuana book

This means that some people in Portland, Oregano think that it’s okay for kids to smoke weed.

AP:  Anti-illegal immigration group wants San Diego highway sign
It will read:  “This city used to be part of America.”

AP:  Feminists sharply divided between Clinton, Obama

They, too, doubt HRC’s gender.

AP:  Microsoft appeals [€900 Million] antitrust fine

With the way the exchange rates are going, they would have done well to pay it the moment it was levied.

PC World:  Microsoft to Limit Capabilities of Cheap Laptops

Not that cheap laptops had great capabilities to begin with.




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