Fun With England, Germany, Zimbabwe, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Italy, The Congo, Iraq, and Probably a Few Other Potentates

25 06 2008

KDVR-Fox-31 Denver:  Group Wants Pot Allowed in Airport Smoking Lounges

The same group probably wants to ban cigarette smoking everywhere.

MOPNS:  Quote of the Day: “When Chris Koster is Attorney General, He Will Stand Up to George Bush”

The 191 hours that Chris Koster could be Missouri Attorney General at the same time George W. Bush is President wouldn’t be enough for Koster’s wife to troll Jefferson City to find the right drapes for his office, much less for Chris himself to confront the world’s most powerful man.

UK Telegraph:  Blond, white schoolboy is al-Qa’eda extremist, say police

Otherwise, he’ll get an A on his school project.

Deutsche Welle:  US Embassy To Yanks: Be Wary of Soccer-Crazed Germans

As opposed to all those well-behaved black American soldiers occupying stationed in Germany.

Madison (Wisc.) Capital-Times:  Mike Ivey: Should Madison ban the [fast food] drive-through [for environmental reasons]?

Why bother?  I’m sure hybrids are popular among Madison’s good progressives, and they use no gas at all while idling.

Springfield News Leader:  Both Republicans [for Governor] worthy, anti-abortion group says

Ahem.  </Jim Guest>

Francis Slay:  Fewer Flights At Hubs

And what does that have to do with the airport the city owns?

P-D:  The Data Diva says: Check your date out before you go out

Yeah, no kidding.  Sometimes I wish guys gossiped more.

NPR:  Zimbabwe’s Mugabe Stripped of Knighthood

So we’re supposed to think that a despot in his own right cares that another sovereign doesn’t think so highly of him anymore>

AP:  Zimbabwe has shortage of food, abundance of zeros

And the biggest zero is running the country.

AP:  World condemnation of Zimbabwe grows

World action over Zimbabwe:  Zero.

AP:  Saudi: 701 suspected militants arrested this year

The next bomb that goes off in Saudi Arabia will probably be at the hands of the 702nd suspect that slipped away from the coppers.

AP:  Pakistan vows to prevent attacks on Afghanistan

Just as they prevented a really big attack on the USA about eight years ago.

Time:  Berlusconi Appeals for Communion

Wanting Communion in Rome is like searching for a mosquito in a swamp.

AP:  Kid golfers, strippers share golf course

If strippers are there often, then I’m guessing that its 19th Hole is a little more than just your run of the mill bar and lounge.

Reuters:  Clinton says her husband determined to help Obama

Reuters cut off  “lose.”

Reuters:  McCain says only World War III would justify draft

And if we occupy Iraq for another hundred years, we just might get WWIII.

AP:  Ben Affleck takes journey to Congo

Congolese brushing up on their Missionary Stew recipies.

AP:  Man leaves Ga. jail naked, gets arrested again

If he was naked when they bought him back to jail, at least they didn’t need to do a pat-down.

AP:  Computer error prices gas at $1.40 at Ohio station

No Iraq invasion, and this price wouldn’t have been an error.



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