Long Live the “King” (But God Might Not Be So Powerful)

18 08 2008

NPI:  Activists Try to Install a King in Hawaii

Good, let’s get him crowned before November so Obama has four fewer electoral votes to count on.

Jake Wagman:  McCaskill: “Hillary Clinton is not the enemy”

Oh, boy.  I guess now we’ll see Claire and Hillary exchanging D.C. girl gossip.

KSDK:  Police Crackdown Coming On Illinois Highways

Because Chicagograd needs the money for some welfare program.

KSDK:  Activist Groups Protesting DNC’s “Warehouse” Jail

Their protest gets a little too rowdy, so they get tossed in said jail.

P-D:  Libertarian says GOP faces ‘tsunami’-sized loss

But will probably get 50 times the votes that the Libertarian Party will get.

WND:  Atheists abandon attempt to ban baptisms

Say that really quickly ten times in a row.

E!Online:  Phil Collins Trumps Paul McCartney in Mega-Divorce

It’s just another day for him and her in paradise.

CNN:   Dogs bust inmates using cell phones to carry out crimes

Get me one of those dogs, because I’m forever misplacing my cell phone.

Time:  China’s Track Superstar Drops Out

The Chinese government will be hunting his head now, so he better run and hide.  Though since he’s Chinese and in China, hiding won’t be too hard.

AP:  College presidents seek debate on drinking age

Oh, no.  If they lower the drinking age, then 18-year olds will start drinking.

Live Science:  Third of U.S. Schools in ‘Air Pollution Danger Zone’

Maybe because a third of U.S. schools are in cities.

PC World:  Google Launches White Spaces Campaign

The CofCC might launch a White Spaces Campaign, but I don’t think that’s what Google means.

AP:  Many think God’s intervention can revive the dying

I’d like to meet the creeps who don’t think so.

AP:  Back to school: Shaky economy hits kids

If it were a Washington Post headline, it would have said that the shaky economy hits women and children the hardest.



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