Fun With an Unfortunate Placement of Christian Science Monitor Headlines

8 09 2008

CSM:  A college push for Hispanic teens


CSM:  Colleges take on drinking age

Problem, solution.

AP:  Biden says he looks forward to debate with Palin [Oct. 2 in St. Louis]

This debate will be like a football game where one team has posession of the ball for 50 out of the game’s 60 minutes, but still loses.

CNS:  D.C. Housing Authority Paid More Than $300K for Vacant Units

They probably had to borrow money that the Agriculture Department would have used to pay farmers not to plant crops.

CNS:  Religious ‘Defamation’ on Agenda at UN Rights Session

You mean of Christians?

CNS:  Olbermann, Matthews Won’t Anchor Political Events

Now, Obama might actually have to buy ads on MSNBC.

John Lott:  Huffington Post relating Palin to Hitler?

Consider the source — the same one where everybody is Hitler but Hitler.

Nashville Post:  Governor Sarah Palin On Ron Paul: “He’s Cool”

In response, Ron Paul said, “She’s Hot.”

NPI:  Black schools the answer to black crime in London

Because the concept has worked so well on this side of the pond.

NPI:  Obama’ As Community Organizer—Organizing Blacks Against Whites To His Own Benefit

So, that’s what a community organizer does.

Slashdot:  Opposable Thumbs and Upright Walking Caused By “Junk DNA”

Hey, you sometimes find some really good stuff in the trash.

KMOX:  Mo. lawmakers get arrested less than constituents

I should hope so.  Tell me in which states this is not the case.

AP:  US government takes on big role in mortgage market

Yeah, and that has been the problem all along Community Reinvestment Act.

AP:  Stephen Colbert to have his DNA sent into space

That should repel and repulse the aliens, buying us another 50,000 years.



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