Fun With Oz’s Headlines

21 11 2008

The Hill:  Obama’s Mug on D.C. Subway Cards for Inauguration

Fine by me, they could rename the D.C. Public School System for him AFAIC.

Dhimmi Watch:  Al-Qaeda member tells Australian government to “let me get on with my life”

In order to “get on with your life,” you have to have a life to begin with; conniving to blow up Jewish children doesn’t qualify. Australia:  Experts call for end of flushing toilets on World Toilet Day

Oh no, they’re going to take the fun out of guys turning 30.

MOPNS:  Video: Left Wing UMSL Professor Offers Advice to Dems on How to Win More State Legislative Races in 2010

You’re kidding, I thought a left wing UMSL prof would have given advice to the Republicans.

KSDK:  Adviser says Fred Thompson plans return to acting

I don’t think he actually left acting, because he pretended to be a Republican Presidential candidate earlier this year.

AP:  Boston city councilor arrested for taking bribe

The quality of Boston politics have gone down since Dapper O’Neil’s exit.

AP:  Famous NYC food critic loses job in sour economy

And will now have lots of problems getting restaurant reservations.



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