The Tax Man Cometh Not

29 01 2009

President Obama, Vice-President Biden and Tax Cheat Treasury Secretary Geithner bashing Wall Stret Execs for taking in aggregate some $18 billion in bonuses in 2008, or rather, for fiddling whole Rome burnt.

I don’t like it, either, because it doesn’t pass the smell test.  But for people associated with government to be mad is a little hypocritical, because those bonuses are also income to the execs that get it, and are thus subject to Federal and New York State income taxes.  Since they already made a lot of money, surely those bonuses were subject to the highest marginal income tax rate for both the Feds and the state.  Also New York City has an come tax.

A few days ago, Rush had a story that the marginal decrease in these bonuses from 2007 to 2008 means that the treasuries of the state and the city are missing the revenue based on smaller bonuses.  It was something like $1 billion for the state and $270 million for the city.

Even if these firms would not have paid these bonuses, the tax effect would have been a cat’s game, because the top marginal rate for corporations is the same as it is for individuals, 35%.  If they would have kept enough employees on the payroll commensurate with those bonuses, (i.e. kept $18 bn worth of employees rather than taking the bonuses), the governments would have lost out because all of those salaries would be taxed at lower rates, because each individual is making less than the income for the top marginal tax rates, plus they can take certain deductions and child credits that high income earners cannot.


Mrs. Obama, You Have a Lot of Nerve

29 01 2009

In gushing over Lilly Ledbetter today at the White House, as her husband signs the eponymous Congressional act into law.  That coming from a woman whose income for doing the affirmative action sinecure job at the University of Chicago Hospital tripled after her husband (a man) won election as U.S. Senator.  They only thought she was worth more because of what some man did.

Buh Bye

29 01 2009

The Governor is removed.


Long live the Governor.

The votes in the State Senate today were both unanimous (59-0) both to remove Blago and also to prohibit him from running for public office in the state of Illinois for the rest of his life.

The vote in the House for the impeachment last month was 117-1 vote, and that one was some dickhead from Chicago who claimed his contrarian vote had to do some some procedural gibberish.  Truth is he wanted to be the answer to some question in a future edition of Trivial Pursuit.  Still, both the House and Senate are run by Democrats, and all RodB could get is one vote out of 177 people.

I caught the tail end of the removal debate in the Senate, and a few of them babbled on about how this was so horrible in a state that gave the country President Obama.  Screw that, Obama may not be that corrupt, but he’s still the same Chicago machine/Saul Alinsky “Rules for Radicals” type of politician.

Now all I hope is that RodB knows enough to take down the Chicagograd machine.  I’m beginning to fear that he doesn’t, hence the unanimous votes in the Senate today.

Fun With Gamers

29 01 2009

AP/Obama:  New species of babbler bird discovered in China

Almost a hundred new species can be found in the U.S. Senate, and another one can be found at 34th and Massachusetts in the same city.

AFP:  Free online computer games win US fans in dismal economy

How long will people be taken by any one of the ten thousand versions of Blocks?

Reuters:  NFL players get shot at a virtual championship

If they win, they’ll be rewarded with virtual sex from virtual hoes.  Attempts to Contact Aliens Date Back More Than 150 Years

I pity the intelligent civilization that’s now seeing “Father Knows Best” — It’ll go downhill from there.

AP:  Lynyrd Skynyrd keyboardist dies at Florida home

“Sweet Home Florida” just doesn’t grab me.

Attention Vincent Richardson. If You’re Reading This…

29 01 2009

And you’re this Vincent Richardson:


Who is accused of doing this, Then I highly suggest you get this book and read it.  Especially if you are of the mindset that you want to be a cop in order “to make difference.”  You better dispatch that attitude ASAP for your own good.


Attention Illinois Republican Party:  Send some of your lawyers up to Chicago and represent this young man pro bono.  It would be the perfect way to get back at the Daley/Weis/Obama/Chicagograd machine, that combined with Gov. Rod Blagojevich running his mouth after his upcoming removal from office, means that the Chicagograd political machine will fall, Southern Illinois will get statehood, and enact conceal-carry.


As far as my personal opinion on the question at hand, I have mixed feelings.  On the one hand, we just can’t have people running around and pretending to be cops, so he ought to be punished for that alone.  What if it was an AQ operative in a sleeper cell who wanted to destabilize America by doing something to the Sears Tower, or otherwise wreaking havoc in America’s third largest city?  What if it were a garden variety Chicago thug who wanted to engage in more thuggery?  Just on that basis alone, Mr. Richardson ought to be punished, definitely by being a juvenile guest of the state for at least some time.

On the other hand, he evidently did what he did because he’s obsessed with the calling of law enforcement.  He did not carry a gun, and evidently maintained an adult enough demeanor so that he wasn’t suspected while on “duty.”  Also, his actions exposed rank incompetency and insouciance to standards within the Chicago Police Department, and in City Hall.  As such, his punishment should not be severe.  Should it legally preclude a future law enforcement career for him?  I’m undecided, but considering the low quality of individual that the CPD willingly accepts, Mr. Richardson shouldn’t be automatically be rejected.  What I worry about is that the CPD will so busy plugging up the “fake cop” hole that they’ll open up another hole for some real ne’er-do-well to slip through.  Hopefully, though, his actions will have done far more good than bad in the final analysis.

Also, unlike some, I have no problem with the Chicago MSM publishing his name and showing a pic.  He allegedly and illicitly assumed a share of the monopoly on the use of power and deadly force that is a police officer, evidently three times now.  He did a very adult thing, so I don’t think it’s so wrong that we know who he is.  I also don’t boo-hoo that he might have gotten killed in the line of “duty” — that’s a danger for the real cops, especially in a place like Chicago, full of arrogant thug blacks mollycoddled by a liberal city and state that’s proud of its racially egalitarian, “Lincolnian” heritage.  Can’t stand the heat?  Get out of the kitchen.

I will say that if his life’s ambition is to become a Chicago city cop, then there is something mentally wrong with him.  The Department hangs white cops out to dry in their hour of need, so I imagine it’s not much better for the black CPD cops.

A Good Name is to be Chosen Rather Than a Clean Rap Sheet

29 01 2009


Boys With Unpopular Names More Likely to Break Law

Boys in the United States with common names like Michael and David are less likely to commit crimes than those named Ernest or Ivan.


While the names are likely not the cause of crime, the researchers argue that “they are connected to factors that increase the tendency to commit crime, such as a disadvantaged home environment, residence in a county with low socioeconomic status, and households run by one parent.”


The findings could help officials ” identify individuals at high risk of committing or recommitting crime, leading to more effective and targeted intervention programs,” the authors conclude.

No kidding.  You think a boy named N’Deshawntavious might need a little more attention from law enforcement than one named Stewart?

The study is bassackwards.  It’s not the names that are at fault, it’s that black parents are more likely to give their black sons strange and ostentatious names that are only given to black boys.  And, of course, since black boys and men are more likely than any other race/gender group to commit a violent crime, it’s no wonder that the authors of this study made this conclusion.