A Good Name is to be Chosen Rather Than a Clean Rap Sheet

29 01 2009


Boys With Unpopular Names More Likely to Break Law

Boys in the United States with common names like Michael and David are less likely to commit crimes than those named Ernest or Ivan.


While the names are likely not the cause of crime, the researchers argue that “they are connected to factors that increase the tendency to commit crime, such as a disadvantaged home environment, residence in a county with low socioeconomic status, and households run by one parent.”


The findings could help officials ” identify individuals at high risk of committing or recommitting crime, leading to more effective and targeted intervention programs,” the authors conclude.

No kidding.  You think a boy named N’Deshawntavious might need a little more attention from law enforcement than one named Stewart?

The study is bassackwards.  It’s not the names that are at fault, it’s that black parents are more likely to give their black sons strange and ostentatious names that are only given to black boys.  And, of course, since black boys and men are more likely than any other race/gender group to commit a violent crime, it’s no wonder that the authors of this study made this conclusion.




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