Attention Vincent Richardson. If You’re Reading This…

29 01 2009

And you’re this Vincent Richardson:


Who is accused of doing this, Then I highly suggest you get this book and read it.  Especially if you are of the mindset that you want to be a cop in order “to make difference.”  You better dispatch that attitude ASAP for your own good.


Attention Illinois Republican Party:  Send some of your lawyers up to Chicago and represent this young man pro bono.  It would be the perfect way to get back at the Daley/Weis/Obama/Chicagograd machine, that combined with Gov. Rod Blagojevich running his mouth after his upcoming removal from office, means that the Chicagograd political machine will fall, Southern Illinois will get statehood, and enact conceal-carry.


As far as my personal opinion on the question at hand, I have mixed feelings.  On the one hand, we just can’t have people running around and pretending to be cops, so he ought to be punished for that alone.  What if it was an AQ operative in a sleeper cell who wanted to destabilize America by doing something to the Sears Tower, or otherwise wreaking havoc in America’s third largest city?  What if it were a garden variety Chicago thug who wanted to engage in more thuggery?  Just on that basis alone, Mr. Richardson ought to be punished, definitely by being a juvenile guest of the state for at least some time.

On the other hand, he evidently did what he did because he’s obsessed with the calling of law enforcement.  He did not carry a gun, and evidently maintained an adult enough demeanor so that he wasn’t suspected while on “duty.”  Also, his actions exposed rank incompetency and insouciance to standards within the Chicago Police Department, and in City Hall.  As such, his punishment should not be severe.  Should it legally preclude a future law enforcement career for him?  I’m undecided, but considering the low quality of individual that the CPD willingly accepts, Mr. Richardson shouldn’t be automatically be rejected.  What I worry about is that the CPD will so busy plugging up the “fake cop” hole that they’ll open up another hole for some real ne’er-do-well to slip through.  Hopefully, though, his actions will have done far more good than bad in the final analysis.

Also, unlike some, I have no problem with the Chicago MSM publishing his name and showing a pic.  He allegedly and illicitly assumed a share of the monopoly on the use of power and deadly force that is a police officer, evidently three times now.  He did a very adult thing, so I don’t think it’s so wrong that we know who he is.  I also don’t boo-hoo that he might have gotten killed in the line of “duty” — that’s a danger for the real cops, especially in a place like Chicago, full of arrogant thug blacks mollycoddled by a liberal city and state that’s proud of its racially egalitarian, “Lincolnian” heritage.  Can’t stand the heat?  Get out of the kitchen.

I will say that if his life’s ambition is to become a Chicago city cop, then there is something mentally wrong with him.  The Department hangs white cops out to dry in their hour of need, so I imagine it’s not much better for the black CPD cops.




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