Rachel Ray With Fins

31 01 2009

WSIL-3:  Crisis In Cairo

That could be any time.

KSDK:  Police: Shoe store robbed, suspect arrested

Sources describe him as a “lost sole.”

WND:  Driver’s licenses let applicants pick gender

I thought that was taken care of at the moment of conception.

AP/Obama:  Obama readies road map for new bailout spending

Remember when you had to unfold a map so big that there wasn’t enough room in your car?  That’s what Obama’s road map is going to be like.

AP/Obama:  Analysis: Team Obama preoccupied with Bush

The last Democrat in the White House was also preoccupied with bush.

USNAWR:  Must You Diet on Super Bowl Sunday?

You won’t feel like eating if your team loses.  Beentheredonethat.

SPACE.com:  Space Station Crew Backs Steelers in Super Bowl

At the time they went up to the Space Station, there weren’t any Arizona Cardinals fans to be found, even in Arizona.

Time:  New Playground Architecture: Bye, Jungle Gym

Hello, Rainforest Gym.

McClathcy:  GOP picks its first black chairman, but will change follow?

Not if Michael Steele has his way, the GOP will lose as usual.

Reuters:  Earth-hunter telescope prepared for launch

It won’t be hard, just have the telescope turn backwards.  Voila, Earth.

Reuters:  Dolphins are capable sea chefs, scientists say

Aquariums are already busy giving new names to their Dolphins like Gordon Ramsay and Rachel Ray.

MacWorld:  ‘Duck Hunt’ iPhone game pulled at Nintendo’s request

Good, I hate it when a dog laughs at me.

Reuters:  Rapper DMX sentenced to 90 days in jail

Harrumph!!! Look at the jurisdiction.  He better get used to pink underwear and tents.




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