Dear Kirsten: You’re Good Enough, You’re Smart Enough, and Doggoneit, People Like You.

2 02 2009


Don’t listen to ’em.  They’re not the ones who got you elected as a Democrat in a largely Republican district.  They’re not the ones who have now neutered any potential Republican opposition in 2010 and beyond, because you’re conservative enough on some things.  Follow your instincts, and you’re Senator for life.  As your soon-to-be colleague from Minnesota might say…


Worst Laid Scheme

2 02 2009

The Everett (Wash.) Herald admits — Islam in American prisons is not much more than a black prison gang.  Most “converts” therefore fall away when they are released, and I imagine that most of the ones that don’t fall away want to keep their Arabic name in order to conceal their previous identity and its criminal record.

I have heard theories from reputable sources that the Libyan government financed the Islam proselytization in American prisons, especially towards black inmates, and that the purpose was to attempt to create terrorist cells to destabilize America.  If all this was a grand plan hatched on the other side of the world, it really didn’t work.  Not only for the reasons above, but that black thug types are notorious for their lack of patience and impulse control, and their propensity to get in feuds with each other in the absence of an external bogeyman or threat.  Two necessary qualities for terrorist cells and groups that are serious — The quintessential radical Islamic types (Arabs, Iranians, Afghanis, Pakistanis) are white enough thus smart enough to control their impulses and passions, and to wait to strike until the iron is hottest.  They’ll wait a century if they have to in order to attack you if they really want to.

Luck Be a Slash This Morning

2 02 2009

I was thinking about the incident where Google went nuts on Saturday morning, labeling every search result as one that could harm your computer.

They’re lucky that it happened on a Saturday morning, not a weekday evening.  Otherwise, internet traffic overall would have decreased.  How much it would have decreased could be used as grounds for the U.S. Justice Department to bring anti-trust lawsuits against Google, as I have heard they were within a couple of hours of doing at one point last year.

100 Million People Watched THIS???

2 02 2009

KSDK:  Somali leader wants united front against extremism

He and Somalia’s two other moderates have a tough task ahead.

AP:  Punxsutawney Phil sees shadow; winter to continue

Again, he didn’t bite anyone, as I hope he’ll do someday.

CSM:  For island players, this is the ‘Poly Bowl’

Don’t laugh, but I once thought that “Fubu” was some Polynesian linebacker.

AP:  Tampa police arrest 26, eject 18 from Super Bowl

Tampa police arrested 26 corporate Chief Marketing Officers for falsely imitating Super Bowl ads, and from what I’ve seen, they should have ejected 18 players.

Time:  What Sports Fans Get From Chanting and Cheering

Bread and circuses.

Time:  The Biology of Dating: Why Him, Why Her?

The biology of hangovers:  Why Him, Why Her?

Our Gang

2 02 2009


Bond’s new title: President Alfalfa, as he takes helm of secretive DC group

U.S. Sen. Christopher “Kit” Bond, R-Mo., was sworn in Saturday night as the new president of the Washington-based Alfalfa Club, which Politico describes as “one of the capital’s most secretive and prestigious organizations.”

It’s so prestigious that President Barack Obama was on hand for the closed-door 96th anniversary dinner, and gave one of several humorous addresses. According to Politico’s sources, Obama’s best lines included this explanation of the First Family’s delay in getting a dog: “The labradoodle we picked has some problems with back taxes…”

So, Kit Bond is Alfalfa.  Does this mean that Obama is Stymie?  My money is on Rep. Jim Clyburn (D-SC) for Buckwheat.

Banking — One Of Those Jobs That Americans Just Won’t Do

2 02 2009

The twelve American banks that are receiving the most Federal bailout money applied for 21,800 H-1B visa applications in the last six years.  The AP claims that the average salary for the jobs they wanted such visa holders to fill was $91,000, but I think that was just for outward consumption:  Once an H-1B visa holder gets the job, the company has such a worker by the balls, for at company whim, his visa can be revoked and must return to his country of origin.  Slave wages in Seattle are better than the slums of New Delhi.

Won’t You Be My Baby

2 02 2009

The Times of London has two stories today about procreation:

(1)  A nine-month old chimpanzee and a nine-month old human being are about on par in terms of mental development.  Of course you know how it works out in the end, but the news does not surprise me — as you go lower down the animal chain in terms of intelligence, you will see that their young mature more quickly relative to the adult stage as you go further down.  This axiom has come into play in the taboo discussion of race, and why Head Start seems to benefit black children.

(2)  For seemingly the 548th time in my conscious memory, a white environmentalist do-gooder is whining about people having too many children, and warning that we shouldn’t be too happy in multiplying.  I wish him well in going to the kinds of people that are having more than two children on average and telling them not to procreate — they’ll turn him into liberal do-gooder missionary stew.  Really, though, what he wants is for white people to stop reproducing close to anything approaching replacement numbers.  Because as you know, us white people are screwing up the world by having too many children.  (Deja vu)