One For the Philosophers Out There

6 03 2009

AP:  Obama:  Every voice must be heard on health reform

That doesn’t mean he won’t stick his fingers in his ears when I start talking.

CNS:  British Will Be ‘Less Subservient’ to U.S. During Obama Presidency, Democratic Senator Says

Hard to imagine that the country that once had world history’s greatest empire is going to argue about how subservient they should be to another country.

Slashdot:  Illinois Declares Pluto a Planet

What, does someone think there is a dead civilization on Pluto that will be counted as Chicago voters?

Take Two: Slashdot:  Illinois Declares Pluto a Planet

There were more votes in the Illinois legislature for a rock billions of miles away than there were for Rod Blagojevich.  Maybe he can ask the legislature to declare him a planet.

San Francisco Chronicle:  Justices seem to be leaning in favor of Prop. 8

Declaring a constitutional amendment unconstitutional would be a little unseemly.

Fox News:  Students Use ‘Free Speech Cage’ Ahead of Churchill, Ayers Event

And hope that Ward Churchill and Bill Ayers get inside the cage and fight, to see who’s the kookier anti-American.

CNS:  Execute Rush Limbaugh for treason? – That’s what Obama-loving talker suggests on CNN

Here’s one for the philosophers out there:  If a libtard talk radio host with no ratings gets on a cable news network with no ratings and says that Rush Limbaugh should be executed, did someone actually say that Rush Limbaugh should be executed?

Politico:  Obama’s safety net: the TelePrompter

Now we know why he drank at the Wizards game last weekend, he didn’t have the teleprompter with him in order to talk to people.

Sporting News:  NFL teams must be wary of fans’ psyche when letting star players go

Which of course is far more important than having a stable and peaceful locker room free of boisterous bigmouthed cancers.


Sold to the Dumbest Bidder

6 03 2009

My description of the Vick joint in Atlanta about a a year and a half ago, when it first went on the market, led the Berg Properties Blog to describe this medium as “hilarious.”

Evidently, nobody wanted to buy it through traditional means, so it’s going on the auction block today.  The starting price was $4.5 million, and the bidding will open at $3.2 million.  Anyone in this economy who takes even that price is nuts.  But it’s going to have to be sold, because Michael Vick is “underwater,” in today’s jargon.

If they don’t wind up selling it today, one could say that the house started out at the $4.5 million line of scrimmage, was chased back to the $3.2 million marker, took too much time in trying to dump it off to someone else, and then got taken down.  Much like a typical Michael Vick play.

BTW, the bottom floor of the house is called a “terrace.”  Not a terrier?

UPDATE 3/10: No takers.  What a surprise, what a shock.

The Spenders

6 03 2009

Ilana Mercer, in WND:

“Contrary to popular myth,” writes James Ostrowski, president of Free Buffalo, “every Republican president since and including Herbert Hoover has increased the federal government’s size, scope, or power – and usually all three. Over the last 100 years, of the five presidents who presided over the largest domestic spending increases, four were Republicans.”

She, like me, notices the scam in the Steele-Limbaugh feud.  She thinks that the whole thing is a media-engineered scam to distract people from the President’s actions, and to marginalize those who are more right wing than either Michael Steele or Rush Limbaugh, those right wingers who actually want to see things get done, not just mouthing off about big government while shilling too much for Republican Presidents that grow government.

Due Date

6 03 2009


Heightened security planned at Clayton High School

Clayton High School will be open today, but with heightened security, following the discovery of a threatening graffiti message, the district said in a letter to parents.

A student found the graffiti scrawled on the wall of the men’s bathroom in the world language hallway near the end of the school day Thursday, the school said.

“While we have absolutely no evidence to indicate this is anything other than graffiti, we are taking the matter very seriously and are responding appropriately,” the letter said.

The district used e-mail and telephone messages on Thursday evening to alert parents to the message, which threatened violence against African-Americans and Jewish people.

I have two theories:

(1) Today was supposed to be the day of some major test or exam, or there was some major project or paper due today in someone’s class.  Some smart aleck tried to close the school today to buy him or her self some more time to study for the test or finish the project.

(2) This is a racial hoax on the part of some black student who has been disciplined somehow, or is failing a class, or perhaps is getting kicked off a sports team for a rule violation or low grades.

It could be a combination of both.

While Cutting Off Someone’s Head and Eating From It Is a Crazy Thing to Do…

6 03 2009


That doesn’t mean he’s mentally ill.  Reverse the races, and do you think a Canadian judge would have found the suspect to have a mental illness?  Mark me, Li will be out of the “mental hospital” and walking around within five years.

Paradigm Shift

6 03 2009

You know we’re in the middle of a political earthquake on the drug issue, when Pat Buchanan says it’s time to change course.  I’m guessing that he’s not for total legalization, but some middle ground in between where we are now and legalization.

Smarter Than the Average Bear

6 03 2009

While 4.67 percent of Tennessee’s adult population has a state conceal-carry permit (though contradictorily, you have to be 21 to get a CCW permit but this percentage is of the entire population 18 and older), 25.75% of Tennessee’s state legislators have permits.

Politicians tend to be a lot of things, but one of the things in their favor is that they tend to me smarter than average.  They see what’s going on.

Though I’d like to know, of those state legislators that have permits, how many of those are the black/lib types who vote for more civil rights and diversity, and no racial profiling on the part of cops, provoking the crime problem that drives people to get CCW permits.  And how many of them opposed CCW in Tennessee when it first came up, though the state adopted CCW long ago enough that only a few members that were in the legislature when the bill was passed are still there today.