Due Date

6 03 2009


Heightened security planned at Clayton High School

Clayton High School will be open today, but with heightened security, following the discovery of a threatening graffiti message, the district said in a letter to parents.

A student found the graffiti scrawled on the wall of the men’s bathroom in the world language hallway near the end of the school day Thursday, the school said.

“While we have absolutely no evidence to indicate this is anything other than graffiti, we are taking the matter very seriously and are responding appropriately,” the letter said.

The district used e-mail and telephone messages on Thursday evening to alert parents to the message, which threatened violence against African-Americans and Jewish people.

I have two theories:

(1) Today was supposed to be the day of some major test or exam, or there was some major project or paper due today in someone’s class.  Some smart aleck tried to close the school today to buy him or her self some more time to study for the test or finish the project.

(2) This is a racial hoax on the part of some black student who has been disciplined somehow, or is failing a class, or perhaps is getting kicked off a sports team for a rule violation or low grades.

It could be a combination of both.




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