The Spenders

6 03 2009

Ilana Mercer, in WND:

“Contrary to popular myth,” writes James Ostrowski, president of Free Buffalo, “every Republican president since and including Herbert Hoover has increased the federal government’s size, scope, or power – and usually all three. Over the last 100 years, of the five presidents who presided over the largest domestic spending increases, four were Republicans.”

She, like me, notices the scam in the Steele-Limbaugh feud.  She thinks that the whole thing is a media-engineered scam to distract people from the President’s actions, and to marginalize those who are more right wing than either Michael Steele or Rush Limbaugh, those right wingers who actually want to see things get done, not just mouthing off about big government while shilling too much for Republican Presidents that grow government.




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