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11 03 2009


Parental involvement sparse at Hazelwood School District’s high schools; Officials say parents are crucial to reform efforts

Hazelwood School District board members say one key element of future high school reform efforts may be lacking.


The principals – Darrell Strong at Central, Mark Martin at East, and Joe Dobrinic at West – said about 15 to 45 parents a month at each of their schools have been actively involved.

Most parents of high school students aren’t that involved in their children’s education.  Why are they making a big deal out of this being the case in Hazelwood?

Answer:  Because the district is getting more and more black, and therefore showing lower and lower academic achievement, with each passing year.  Because race is taboo, the excuseologists have to come up with something.

My mother stopped looking at my homework after I got out of the fifth grade, and the seventh was the last time she went to a PTA meeting or a parent-teacher conference.  I don’t remember her lack of active involvement being a disadvantage for me from the eighth grade through high school.

One thing they’re forgetting is that parental involvement is even less helpful in this situation — low performing black students usually have parents that were themselves low performing and not the sharpest tacks in the rug.  I fail to see how such parents could help their high school aged children do any better, or less badly.



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