Pardon Me While I Slap Myself Upside the Head

15 03 2009


Someone a little older and a little wiser than myself once told me that if you keep hearing something over and over again, and repeated and parroted as if it were a religious proverb, that’s the time you should start doubting it.

Let me apologize to you all for not doing so in the past several weeks.

The L.A. Times has an article today that shows that the Mexican drug gangs are going on the vast international black market for high-powered rifles and various other military style armaments.

Why was I so foolish as it take it as an article of faith that the Mexican gangs were getting all their weapons smuggled from the U.S.?  Perhaps I was so anxious to make the case for comprehensive border security (i.e. triple fencing, 100,000 volts AND the 101st Airborne, comprehensively) that I just forgot to use the doubting slice of my brain.

Besides, we’re supposed to believe that the same government that can’t keep track of illegal aliens and illicit dope going from south to north across that border all of a sudden can know how many guns are flowing from north to south.

UPDATE 3/24:  Michael Savage isn’t on the air here in southern Illinois, but I got an e-mail from someone I know in St. Louis that listens to Savage that he took a call last night from a former undercover cop, who dealt with the trafficking of illicit guns.  Savage asked how there was a high powered rifle at the domicile of the sister of the Oakland cop killer for him to use against Oakland cops.  The caller’s answer was that unlike the propaganda we’re hearing that most Mexican drug gang guns come from the U.S., the truth is that most illicit American high powered rifles flow from Mexico to U.S., and in turn they get into Mexico from the international black market, and the gun that Mixon used was probably manufactured in Russia.

This would make sense, if most of the Mexican gangs’ high powered rifles were gotten off the international black market, and not the U.S.




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24 03 2009
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