Don’t Strike a King Unless You Can Kill a King

3 04 2009

I used to think that those questioning President Obama’s individual citizenship, based on the rumors that he was really born in Kenya and not Hawaii, were whistling in the wind.  I thought all along that Barack H. Obama II was automatically a U.S. Citizen because his mother was one.  However, as it turns out, their contentions are on good legal ground, because as Obama was born in 1961, the U.S. immigration law of the time, not the current law, is used to determine his citizenship.  And, at the time, a child born to an American citizen parent and a non-American parent was not automatically a citizen if s/he was born in a non-American territory.

Therefore, the lawsuits drawn by the citizenship questioners have legal legs.

But just because you can do something, or you may do something, doesn’t mean you should do it.  I think seriously pushing the issue of President Obama’s citizenship would be a Pyrrhic Victory, even if the Supreme Court found in their favor and threw Obama out of office.

There is an old axiom that states that you shouldn’t strike a king unless you can kill a king.  For if you only strike a king without killing him, all your plans and schemes will only lead to a pissed off king and you in a world of shit.

It is not possible for any lawsuits about Obama’s citizenship to result in “killing the king,” figuratively speaking.  First off, I think the Federal judiciary would weasel out of the issue by finding the 1961 version of the immigration law to be unconstitutional.  But even if they throw Obama out of office, it won’t mean that the results of the 2008 Presidential election would be reversed making John McCain the President.  It would just vacate the Presidency, and make Joe Biden the President.

If that happens, you’re going to have a lot of pissed off Democrats.  The only saving grace we have now, and even that is not a given, is the Blue Dog Democrats in the House and moderates in the Senate like Claire McCaskill and Kirsten Gillibrand, to keep President Obama’s liberalism in some semblance of a check.  If the right wing pushes the citizenship question to the highest issues of the Federal judiciary, no matter their decision, it’s only going to make Democrats mad, unify the Blue Dogs and the Democrats around the party (“how DARE the Republicans try to use the courts to reverse the election results???”), and then out of revenge and spite, Obama, Reid and Pelosi are going to come out shooting with all four barrels with every liberal bill, proposal and idea, not to mention the kitchen sink.  If you can think of it, they’ll do it, and do it quickly.  And there will be nothing to stop it, and by “it,” I mean incorrigible liberalism that no election could ever undo, assuming that Republicans could ever win elections anymore after Obama, Reid and Pelosi get finished flooding this country with as many non-whites as they can as quickly as they can.

It’s called being penny wise and pound foolish.




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