Alright, Who Left the Door Open and Let the Monday In?

20 04 2009

Reuters:  Sept. 11 planner waterboarded 183 times: report

Which is much worse than murdering 3,000 people and bringing down three important New York City buildings.

Slashdot:  Louisiana Rep. Preps State Bill Banning Human-Animal Hybrids

So much for riding my centaur down to New Orleans.

Slashdot:  Why Republicans Won’t Retake Silicon Valley

They’d have a better chance at Silicone Valley.

Fox News:  Obama Endures Ortega Diatribe

In the same sense that I endure a six pack of Sam Adams.

LoS:  Janet Reno honored with “lifetime achievement award”

From whom?  The Arson League?

Steve Sailer:  The Obama Administration Is Playing with Fire

Janet Reno played with fire, too.  And sixteen years later, Morris Dees gives her an award.

John Lott:  Making it hard to repay TARP money

That’s a new one, government turning down money.  I guess that is change you can believe in.

Dani Web:  What do piracy and porn have in common?

Potentially poisoned warez.

P-D:  Defendant’s request for quick trial agitates lawyer

He’s probably paid by the hour.

Jihad Watch:  Algeria: Al-Qaeda crackdown hits potato market

What?  Did someone carve an visage of Mohammed out of a spud?

MOPNS:  “Democrats For Education Reform” Gather in St. Louis

There’s a real novel idea that hasn’t been tried once in the last 45 years, letting Democrats “reform” education.

P-D:  Prostitutes work greens at Kansas golf course

Getting your knob polished doesn’t always refer your best driver anymore.

ABC:  Meghan McCain: ‘Old School Republicans’ Are ‘Scared S**tless’ of the Future

A future where, for some odd reason, Republican nominees for President wouldn’t know good campaign strategy from a hole in the ground.

Take Two:  ABC:  Meghan McCain: ‘Old School Republicans’ Are ‘Scared S**tless’ of the Future

S**t and the McCains seem to go together.

Fox News:  Miss California Sparks Furor With Gay Marriage Comments on Miss USA Telecast

Miss Congeniality Perez Hilton Took Miss USA Away From Miss California.

KFVS:  Mo. attorney general warns of mortgage scams

You’re years late and trillions short, Chris.

KSDK:  UPDATED: Missouri school districts hope to curb the dropout rate

It’s not that they’re actually going to curb the dropout rate, it’s that they’re hoping to curb the dropout rate.  And that is how things are done in the Era of Obama.

P-D:  Google app helps police catch criminals

You mean to tell me that Larry and Sergey, good progressives that they are, are going to let Google help those evil white ray-cist poleeeeceseseses apprehend those noteworthy victims of discrimination and slavery?

P-D:  Biden joins Jay Nixon in introducing new summer employment program

“Summer employment program,” i.e. Federally-funded make work for black teenagers to trick them into not being dope dealers.

AP:  Obama seeks $100M in government ‘efficiencies’

That’s like you cutting back by not buying a candy bar tomorrow.

AP:  Jamaica hijacking foiled, but what about security?

No time for that.  This is Jamaica, and today is 4/20.  So it’s doobie rollin’ time.

NFN:  Adobe Flash Is Coming To a TV Set Near You

Oh nuts, I was getting so used to clear, steady and high resolution video on my TV.

AP:  New Dan Brown novel coming in September

The requisite movie starring Tom Hanks will hit theaters by Memorial Day 2011.



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