Eighteen Years Old, and Already Filmed Getting the Underwear Perp Walk. Not a Good Way to Start Life.

29 04 2009


CNS:  Obama Seeks to Change Crack Sentences

A quarter century ago, the Obamas of the world wanted longer crack sentences because of the way crack was impacting the black community.

CNS:  Obama’s Request to Cover Christian Symbol Reveals Country’s Move toward Socialism, Secularism, Congressman Says

Or it just means the non-Christian President and his non-Christian Chief of Staff hate Christians.

Jihad Watch:  Fort Dix jihadists sentenced to life of prison da’wa

Won’t be their last experiences with “Dix.”

MOPNS:  Can You Say Cluster F@*K!

Apparently, you can’t, but I can.  Clusterinbev!

P-D:  Madison County offers free bus passes to youths

In this age where “youth” in terms of childrens’ health care means anyone up to 30, the county’s gonna hand out a lot of free bus passes.

WPMT-Fox-43 Harrisburg, Penn.:  Teen Arrested Wearing Only Underwear

If only he could have lost the underwear, he might have been the next star on COPS Naked.

CNS:  Specter Ushers In a Brave New World

Though I wouldn’t attribute his actions to bravery.

Rasmussen:  Pennsylvania Senate Primary: Toomey 51% Specter 30%

Fuggedabowdit, that whopping 30% just made itself a Democrat.  No wonder why he flipped.

Jihad Watch:  North Carolina jihadist: “Anyone with eyes can clearly see that this new disease is a curse from Allah upon America. The Mujahideen and those who support them continue to ask Allah to destroy America.”

A curse from Allah?  Or something engineered in an AQ biowarfare lab?

P-D:  President Barack Obama leaves Arnold, Mo.

Elvis has left the building.

P-D:  Ill. lawmakers tell kids to play outdoors

Too bad some of the Illinois lawyers who make a living around the laws those lawmakers make don’t want kids to play outdoors because somebody might fall down and make a boo-boo and somebody’s parents will sue in earnest.

CNS:  Obama Tells Americans, ‘Wash Your Hands’

We’re not all in the first grade, Barry.

USNAWR:  Chicago Tests a Year-Round School Schedule

That way, they’ll be a failing school system for three more months out of the year.

PC Mag:  Microsoft: We’re Still Not Making a Phone

And I’m still not buying a Microsoft Phone even if you did.

E!:  Sex and the City Sequel: More Men on Board

Now to get more men to watch, female nagalogue needs to be reduced drastically.



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