Wow, Nine Bucks an Hour. (Note: College Degree Required)

27 05 2009


Young People Head to Work Thanks to New Program

MARION–Long lines at the unemployment office has been a sign of the times over the last few years. But some relief is on the way.

Man Tra Con has funds from President Obama’s recovery plan to put young people to work for the summer.


The program is called Summer Works. Young people between the ages of 16 and 24 from Franklin, Jackson, Jefferson, Perry, and Williamson Counties are eligible for employment at several businesses.

“If they have a high school diploma or less it’s $8 an hour, if they have post secondary it’s $8.50, and if they have a post secondary degree, associates, bachelor, it’s $9 an hour. They can work 20 to 32 hours per week.”

Lively says so far the city of Carbondale is on board with the program. Several engineering firms, the USDA, and many park districts are participating too.

“Hopefully they’ll learn horticulture, repair and maintenance of machinery. This is about a true work experience and not just mowing lawns, not just clearing brush.”


Man-Tra-Con will pay the salaries of at least 400 youth workers through September.

Youth workers must met certain income guidelines.

Wow, a whole bachelors’ degree and you get $9 an hour.

Pray tell, what is so special or complicated about this dirt shoveling Federal porkulus make work that you get paid 50 cents an hour more if you have college credit and a buck an hour more if you have a college degree?

Honestly, $8 an hour isn’t bad for a summer job if you’re still in high school.  It should be noted, though, that most of the honest work they could have has now evaporated, mainly because of all our “guest workers” here to do the jobs that Americans won’t, and because older adults now have to settle for these jobs as globalization has outsourced their previous jobs to Bangalore or H-1Bed Bangalore here.

I’m sure that any young person who wants to take an $8-9 hour job probably isn’t to the manor born, so those “income guidelines” aren’t going to be an issue.

UPDATE 5/28: “Maryann” from Pennsylvania e-mailed this blogmeister this afternoon with this:

I think I have a good guess why those who have some college get paid more an hour than those who do not, and why those who have a college degree get paid even more.  It is presumed that those with college credit have some student loan debt, and that those who have a full degree four years have even more student loan debt.  Having an “on the books” job like these will be mean that they either make the student loan payments, or else it is garnished.  I think this whole thing about this “summer jobs” bit is mostly a backhanded, behind the scenes way to fund “higher education,” especially its loan Sally May authorities, or as you call it on your blog, Education Industrial Complex.

Great point, Maryann.  Since Obama/Dems and the Education industry are in a vicious cycle with each other, I wouldn’t put it past them for this to have been a consideration.

UPDATE 5/29: At least 8% (and probably more) of the “stimulus package” jobs touted by the White House are such teenage and young adult summer make work.  Expect a demand for another stimulus package come September.




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