ADL, SPLC Running Low On Money

10 06 2009


So they had the FBI/ATF provoke some ancient curmudgeon/dipshit to fire a shotgun inside the Holocaust Museum in D.C.  If you have given money to the ADL or SPLC in the past, expect his image on a fund-raising letter within a few weeks.

Yeah yeah, disclaimer, no proof.  But sometimes you can’t be crazy to think that past performance is indicative of future results.

I thought at first that this was done at the hands of the Religion of Peace.  I thought that because the media initially didn’t describe the suspect as white and right-wing, and that eventually Media/CAIR/ACLU denying terrorism would be the dead giveaway.  They probably said that he was white, old and anti-Semitic as soon as they themselves found out.

UPDATE 6/11: And wouldn’t you know it.  There was supposed to be a play premiering yesterday night about an imaginary rendezvous between Anne Frank and Emmett Till.  Prediction:  100 times more people will now see and hear about this play than would have w/o this shooting.  How convenient.  As the Romans asked, Cui Bono?  I think the reason this play was written and will be performed at all is to try and patch up now strained relations between the black civil rights movement and liberal and pro-Israel Jews, thanks to President Obama’s Middle East perfidy and pandering to Islam.

UPDATE 6/11: He’s a native St. Louisan.  The weird part about his growing up in St. Louis is that he is an alum of Clayton High School and Washington University.  The former is probably the most Jewish public high school in the St. Louis area, and the latter is probably the most Jewish institution within 300 miles of any direction of St. Louis that isn’t explicitly Jewish.  Whatever you think of Patterson’s First Axiom, it works the opposite with Jews — nothing about the time I spent in St. Louis’s Hebrew Belt, roughly following Lindell and Olive through St. Louis City and County, has ever made me want to hate Jews, and nothing about it has ever made want to diminish, trivialize, ridicule or comedisize the Holocaust.  This character, of all people on Earth, should know better.

UPDATE 6/11: Perhaps the flaw in my theory above is that he was born in 1920, so this puts him graduating H.S. in the late 1930s, and assuming he served in WWII, graduating college in the late 1940s.  Clayton was still an exurban town in the 30s, and almost entirely white and gentile.  And even through the 40s, Wash. U. was still dominated by a mix of WASPey Brahmins and gentile Unitarians, the Eliot family that founded WU (T.S. Eliot being the grandson of the founder) were Unitarian ministers.

The U.S. Attorney in Washington, D.C. is opening a two-front investigation.  First, for the actual murders and other crimes themselves, and second, to see if there is enough evidence to add hate riders to the charges, which isn’t going to be hard to find.  I contrast this to almost every time there is a brutal non-white-on-white murder or heinous crime that seems to be motivated by enmity; the authorities always come up with the bullshit that there’s not enough evidence for hate.  The reason there isn’t enough evidence is that the authorities don’t strain themselves to find the evidence.  Meanwhile, you can see how quickly the system starts looking for hate when it’s an extreme righty knocking off a usual target of the extreme right.  They’ll take 500 years to find enough evidence of hate if they have to, and then charge him posthumously.

I don’t agree with Rush Limbaugh’s characterization of the suspect as a left-winger of some sort, just because he shared some of the common rhetoric with the anti-Zionist (but not necessary anti-Semitic) left, including some Jews.   Also, Rush’s first segment in the first hour was about this matter, and after the first commercial break, the bumper music was “Shotgun” by Junior Walker & The All-Stars.  Probably the worst possible song to play when you’re talking about this whole matter.

UPDATE 6/11: John Lott reports that the Holocaust Museum in D.C. has the “Gun Free Zone” sign on its doors.  Wasn’t so much of a gun free zone, was it?  Also, suspect is a convicted felon, ergo no guns allowed.  I’m sure ATF is on the case right now tracing the route of the shotgun.

UPDATE 6/11: Along with giving the ADL and SPLC the ability to raise money, this happens at a curiously fortunate time for the left wing.  This will give legs to various and sundry gun control measures (as you read above, the HM was already a “gun free zone,” and the suspect is an ex-con), and expanding hate crimes laws (even though there won’t be a problem adding hate crimes riders in this matter).  Also, the UK Daily Worker has discovered a “link” between this suspect and the BNP, as the suspect attended one or two meetings of a now defunct organization called the American Friends of the British National Party, based in D.C.  They can’t find any evidence that he gave any money to the AFBNP, and after 2001, it became illegal to fund British political campaigns with non-UK money, therefore the AFBNP dissipated.

In the interests of full disclosure, your blogmeister went to an AFBNP meeting in July 1999, they happened to meet at the same time the Council of Conservative Citizens had its National Conference in NoVa.  IIRC, their hall was in Arlington, most of their meetings took place on a second floor with an exquisite view of D.C.  If this meeting was indicative of the rest of their meetings, all they ever did was raise money, (including some of mine that night), a raffle of mainly history books and also many of the same racialist books that are for sale at the AR Store, (though I don’t think that AR provided them), including Why Race Matters by a Jewish CCNY Professor, Michael Levin.  There was hardly anything in the way of speeches or activism, so I presumed that they knew that anyone who came already knew about and supported the BNP, so preaching to the choir was superfluous.  So if this suspect went to a few AFBNP meetings and stopped going, I guess it is because he was fishing for help to make some sort of loud and spectacular scene of a criminal nature, and he found none at AFBNP.  That and if he saw books on the raffle table by Jewish professors, he probably didn’t think he was truly entre amis.

As it was, after the AFBNP dissipation, Mark Cotterill, who headed the group, and who I had met several times before 1999, went back to England to start a rival party to the BNP.  I’m guessing he got into some dispute with Nick Griffin or other BNP big wigs over something, perhaps it was a personality clash.  For the Mail to link someone to the BNP who went to the meetings of an American group supporting the BNP, may not have ever given any money, and a group whose leader started a competing bottom-feeder party to the BNP after the group’s viability ended, is stupid beyond comprehension.  But it’s not irrational:  The Mail has a hard-on for the BNP because they’re still scared that the BNP will draw away enough Tory Party votes to keep the Mail’s precious David Cameron from becoming Prime Minister.   And for the Mail to complain about “neo-fascist” is hypocritical, because the Mail was pro-Hitler and pro-Nazi all the way up to the invasion of Poland and the start of war between England and Germany.

UPDATE 6/11: There’s a part of the Daily Mail story that totally flew by me.  It mentions another AFBNP official, Todd Blodgett.  The Mail confirms what we on the professional hard right had been suspecting for years, that Blodgett was an FBI “informant”/provocateur/professional shit stirrer-upper.  Too, I met him at the AFBNP meeting I went to, and IIRC, he only said about two words that evening, both words were “Hello.”  I knew he went to at least one CofCC National Conference, and through the grapevine, I heard he attended at least one AR biannual conference.  A libtard blog named “No More Mr. Nice Guy” is trying to link the suspect and Ronald Reagan himself, using the fact that Blodgett was once a Reagan White House errand boy, but  “No More Mr. Nice Guy” fails to realize that Blodgett’s just been exposed.

Now I’m beginning to piece it together.  SPLC/ADL -> FBI -> Blodgett -> Von Brunn.

Before I let that go, I have to explain again the significance of that food chain.  About eight or nine years ago, a George Mason University Ph.D. candidate was doing his dissertation on groups like the SPLC.  He found out that the nature of the relationship between SPLC/ADL Paranoia-Industrial Complex groups and Federal Law Enforcement was symbiotic; the latter used the former for spying and voyeuristic functions that they weren’t allowed to do, and, though the dissertation did not say this, it implied that the payback was that the FBI’s “informants”/provocateurs/professional shit disturbers would provoke violence and/or scary activity among the hard-to-far-to-extreme right wing, and this would be how the SPLC and ADL could raise money.

We now know that Todd Blodgett is a person that Von Brunn and the FBI had in common.  Von Brunn went to AFBNP meetings, and so did Blodgett.  They had to have become familiar with each other, and as Blodgett was FBI, he would have become instantly interested in Von Brunn, due to his homicidal anti-Semitism.  For someone looking for criminal behavior or hoping to provoke it, AFBNP was a dry well, Von Brunn was the fortunate cold and clear stream in the desert.  As I said above, Blodgett also hung around CofCC and AR, but didn’t hang along for long because they, too, are the same kinds of dry wells.

Several years ago, it was found out that Tampa Bay area “neo-Nazi” group was led by either an FBI agent or informant.  I go one step further — that most of this group’s members were FBI as well.  You can bet that ADL/SPLC photogs were conveniently close by.  Of course, all this goes way back before Morris Dees — the Birmingham Church Bombing in 1963 that killed four black girls was provoked by FBI agents/informants dressed up in white sheets.  Most of the other right wing violence in the 60s was also FedLEA provoked to get civil rights bills passed.  I’ll go to my grave thinking that the Machiavellian Sonofabitch that was President from 1963-69 gave the direct orders, and that he would have personally dressed himself in white sheets and firebombed black children to get a civil rights bill passed.

Why should this surprise anyone?  The left wing is merely the domesticated and tame version of the original ideology that advocated “by any means necessary,” and that is Marxism-Leninism.  Karl Marx himself called racial civil rights “a revolution in permanence.”  Blodgett was a Lee Atwater protege, and Atwater never shied away from bashing knees and assassinating characters.  It’s what he had to do to make George H.W. Bush the President when Bob Dole was the front-runner going into the ’88 R-Primaries, and when Dukakis at a wide lead coming out of the DNC over Bush.  Neither Dole nor Dukakis were born with silver spoons in their mouths, as Atwater got people to believe.  His guy was actually the plutocrat.  Electoral politics are cold, cruel, Machiavellian callings.  It’s not beyond the realm of possibility for Blodgett to use Atwater tactics to his personal efforts.

So here’s my line of thinking:  SPLC and ADL yank the FBI’s chain.  FBI yanks Todd Blodgett’s chain.  Blodgett provokes Von Brunn into the HM shootings.

Once again, this is all my educated speculation; I have no proof.

UPDATE 6/11: Sorry, Politico.  That Von Brunn apparently targeted the offices of  The Meekly Standard and wasn’t fond of Bill O’Reilly isn’t proof that he wasn’t right wing.  In fact, that’s more proof that he was, because once you get to about Pat Buchanan territory on the right wing, and further on, Irving and Bill Kristol are just two more establishmentarians, and Bill O’Reilly is one wee slight little baby step better.  It might shut the standard domestic left-wing up a little bit, but it won’t the SPLC and ADL.

UPDATE 6/11: Does this and the untimely demise of Dr. Driller vindicate Janet Nappy/DHS and MIAC?  No, because they both kept looking at groups, not individuals.  And until I see proof otherwise, I still think Dr. Driller was offed by the pro-aborticide crowd using an apparent pro-life extremist as the front, and that Von Brunn was egged on.  When it comes to terrorism and the right-wing, to the extent that it’s provocated, or not, it’s never really groups, it’s “lone wolves” that fly under the radar screen.

UPDATE 6/12: Von Brunn was a Darwinist, and viciously anti-Christian.  But again, that doesn’t make him left wing, because anti-Christianity is an outgrowth of the anti-Semitism espoused in certain circles of the extreme right, based on the belief that Christianity is a “Jewish religion.”  The rifle he used at HM was a .22, a squirrel gun.

Some hosts on conservative talk radio have been bashing Prof. Carol Swain, a PolySci Prof. at Vanderbilt, for her response after the HM shootings.  Actually, Prof. Swain, although she is left wing on most things, is actually reasonable when it comes to thinking about and writing about white right wingers and organizations.  And she is not for amnesty and open borders, mainly because of its detrimental affects on blacks and their economic prospects (Prof. Swain is black).

Truthfully, for as long as I have been observing the left wing, and its criticism of white racialism, nationalism and racial realism, the worst vitriol, hate and bigotry and invective comes from the white left wing, not black civil rights organizations and its leaders.  The reason is that the blacks have nothing to prove to anyone about their political chops.  The white ones, on the other hand, are always worried about their progressive credentials, and live in deathly fear of showing as much as one millisecond of “racism,” as if they’re guilty for being white.

UPDATE 8/28/2010: Someone claiming to be Todd Blodgett e-mailed me today and said that his hands were clean, because he supposedly left the FBI’s shit disturber program in 2007.  Take it for what it’s worth; I take it with a grain of salt.



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