2009: The Year of the Burqua

22 06 2009

AP:  New US battle rule: No fighting near Afghan homes

Watch home construction in Afghanistan shoot to an all time record high.

AP:  Militant camp may hold clues to Taliban operations

But it’ll turn out that it’s somebody’s house, and we won’t be able to knock it back.

Jihad Watch:  The BBC supports Islam and attacks Christianity

Burqua Broadcasting Company.

AFP:  Burkas not welcome in France: Sarkozy

But the kind of people that wear burquas are welcome in France.

MOPNS:  Slay Has “High Praise” for ACORN

Except that Francis Slay wouldn’t be mayor if it were up to ACORNY.

New York Newsday:  U.S. Open fans heckle Tiger Woods

That puts a major hurdle in the way of an endorsement deal between Eldrick and Jim Beam.

Houston Chronicle:  Texas strip club sues 14-year-old exotic dancer

What are they going to get out of a 14-year old stripper?  Except something which they’re not allowed to have in the first place.

Fox Business:  Smith & Wesson Quarterly Profit More Than Doubles

S&W celebrates by having a sale on its double action revolvers and shotguns.



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