No Respite Just Yet — Alan Beany Baby Won’t Hear of It

26 06 2009


Jena 6 Case Wrapped Up with Plea Bargain

Jena, La. (AP) – Five members of the Jena Six have pleaded no contest to misdemeanor simple battery and were sentenced to seven days probation and fined $500 plus court costs.

It was a far less severe end to their cases than seemed possible when the six students were initially charged with attempted murder in a 2006 attack on Justin Barker. They became known as the “Jena Six,” after the central Louisiana town where the beating happened.

Later, charges against Carwin Jones, Jesse Ray Beard, Robert Bailey Jr., Bryant Purvis and Theo Shaw were reduced to aggravated second-degree battery. The only member of the group to serve jail time was Mychal Bell, who pleaded guilty to second-degree battery and was sentenced to 18 months.

A civil hearing is also scheduled today to settle Barker’s lawsuit against the group.

Oh no, we haven’t heard the end of it.

And we wouldn’t have heard any of it, and nobody in Jena, black or white, turned the Jena Six Thugs into civil rights martyrs, and nobody made any link between their beating Justin Barker and the school pride nooses a few months earlier, until a kook leftist preacher from Dallas named Alan Beany Baby rode into town to stir up shit.  Once he started flapping his lips, this activated the media and the civil wrongs movement.  This peaked with their big march in Jena.  During the march, two 18-year old white men drove by the marchers in a pickup truck with a noose attached to the fender.  One rolled over on the other, who is now sitting in Federal prison for having committed racial intimidation.  All Alan Beany Baby’s fault for having stirred up shit.  And it gets worse than that —  As far as I’m concerned, Alan Beany Baby has blood on his hands.  I can all but guaran-damn-tee you that there was a least one black-on-white murder with the “injustice” of Jena as a motive.




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