Racial Profiling

2 07 2009

Houston Chronicle:

Federal agents hunt for guns, one house at a time


Success on the front lines of a government blitz on gunrunners supplying Mexican drug cartels with Houston weaponry hinges on logging heavy miles and knocking on countless doors. Dozens of agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives — sent here from around the country — are needed to follow what ATF acting director Kenneth Melson described as a “massive number of investigative leads.”

All told, Mexican officials in 2008 asked federal agents to trace the origins of more than 7,500 firearms recovered at crime scenes in Mexico. Most of them were traced back to Texas, California and Arizona.

Among other things, the agents are combing neighborhoods and asking people about suspicious purchases as well as seeking explanations as to how their guns ended up used in murders, kidnappings and other crimes in Mexico.


The mission is especially challenging because, officials say, that while Houston is the number one point of origin for weapons traced back to the United States from Mexico, the government can’t compile databases on gun owners under federal law.

Agents instead review firearms dealers’ records in person.

Except that legal American guns are only a very small percentage of Mexican guns used in crimes.

You may think this is unconstitutional harassment, and I agree.  But it won’t take the Federal judiciary to stop it.  It’s only a matter of days until ADL, SPLC, ACLU, La Raza, MECHA, MALDEF and LULAC start bitching.  At that point, it will only a matter of milliseconds until the ATF stops it.

Our Yankee Government will go through all of this, at great expense, but won’t spend dime one to secure the fiction formerly known as the “border” to make sure that Mexican gangsters cannot enter to U.S. to procure said firearms.




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