Intellect On Parade

6 07 2009

One of my geeky hobby interests is radio.  I’m a ham, thought I don’t use my FCC-granted privileges in this stead too often.  When I travel to an area not my own, I bring along my CCRadio (soon to be replaced by the CCRadio2) to check out the comings and goings in that particular local market.

Thus, on a trip to southeastern Wisconsin, I expected to be serenaded to hours on end of a radio station that plays “All Polka All the Time,” which perhaps has an HD Radio subchannel that showcases up-and-coming polka artists and their songs.  Alas, my smart ass stereotype turned out not to be anywhere near true.  But I did land on a Chicago talk station that broadcasts on 1690 AM, that is a fringe reception station in Lake Geneva with a good radio.

It’s a black talk radio station, call letters WVON, the kind of which I think every city should have five of so white people finally understand black culture, if they don’t already.  Imagine five Lizz Browns and five Onion Hortons on the radio in every town in the country.  You couldn’t buy better advertising for white racialism/race realism/nationalism.

At the time I was listening, late in the afternoon on now I can’t remember what day, the host (black) was taking phone calls.  A black woman called in and was talking about the problems that black men with felony conviction records had in post-prison life, two of which were voting (see my footnote below) and getting legit employment.  The woman thinks that the state should not classify things such as murder, armed robbery and other crimes as felonies, but misdemeanors.  The host reminded the woman that you can still own guns legally if you only have a misdemeanor record.  She then recommended to ban guns for misdemeanants.  (Not her actual words, but that’s what she meant.)  Of course in Chicago, handguns are banned for everyone, so if that ever came to pass, it would be superfluous.  The host said that it was a great idea, knock murder down to a misdemeanor if it happens in Chicago, then don’t allow those who have misdemeanor records (he didn’t limit that to Chicago) to own guns legally.  He then said that since the CPD have had problem singing up people for the academy because felons can’t be cops, and since these men would not have felony sheets, this would solve the Chicago Police Department’s recruitment problem. (I’ll give you a few minutes to roll around on the floor laughing your ass off; Remember, cops are allowed to have guns.)  Intellect on parade.

Footnote:  There are only two states (FL, KY) that have lifetime blanket banks on felons voting.  Almost all the other states allow felons to vote after they have finished their prison sentence and/or probation.  The rub with so many black felons in Chicago and otherwise is that they can’t behave long enough to get off probation in order to be able to vote again.  Look for the Eric Holder “Just-Us” Department to rant and rave about the “disparate impact” of the completion-of-probation stipulations, and they might go so far as to allow imprisoned felons to vote, based on the same.  Perhaps they can get work furloughs to go to their jobs as police officers in the CPD that a certain talk host in Chicago might want them to have (but not bearing the guns that he doesn’t want them to have).  Except that bad ole me forgot that there would be no more black felons.

I can see why you would want those with misdemeanor murder convictions to be unarmed cops on the CPD.  Black youths do need role models, and if they see their own people as cops, this will make them behave.




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