Sunday Tie-Up

19 07 2009

(1)  Mike Anderson broke the news almost a month ago, and now the Post-Dispatch has caught up.  About 1490 AM in St. Louis changing to “urban” (read: black) sports talk radio, to replace Fox Sports Radio.  Mike Anderson said that Onion Horton would be part of the new lineup, and indeed he is.  The P-D reports that the new WESL’s morning host will focus more on politics than sports.  Guess who the morning host is going to be.

Even without this stipulation, and no matter what time of the day you put him, you know that Onion Horton couldn’t avoid politics.

(2)  Science Daily tells of the results of a study that says that teenage boys will become the wrong crowd if they hang around the wrong crowd and have a lacking family life.  Once we have that duh of the day established, then I think they’ll get around to figuring out what causes the wrong crowd and a lacking family life.

(3)  Any chance at a Republican filibuster of Sonie the Phony is now gone.  Booger, Snowejob and Wal-Martinez will vote for her.

(4)  I wouldn’t get my hopes up if I were 17-year old Briton Mike Perham, who is about to best American Zac Sutherland’s record as the youngest person to circumnavigate the Earth solo on a boat.  The reason is that he’s white.  The British authorities will nullify Mr. Perham’s accomplishment, because he’s not diverse enough.

(5)  Jimmy McKinney, who won three faked up state basketball titles at Vashon (even though he actually lived in Vashon’s district), was a big flop at Mizzou, and played professionally for three years in Germany, which is one slight baby step above a 40-something YMCA weekday night league, is now thinking about diamonds.  The Cardinals gave him a tryout last week.

The last time a basketball player tried to switch to baseball, it didn’t work out so well.  Though Michael Jordan was fortunate that he had something to fall back onto.

(6)  The success of the CPS under Arne Duncan, such that the President made him EdSec?  As fake as Vashon basketball championships.

(7)  President Obama:  Those in the top half percent of income earners are just lucky.

I somewhat agree and somewhat disagree with that contention.  If my rank amateur observation is any clue, then I think those who make it that high do it on part luck and part skill.  Some have far more skill than luck, but still some luck nonetheless.  Others have mostly luck and very little skill.  For instance, if you’re Paris Hilton, you’re mostly lucky; the only skill you need is knowing how not to piss off your parents.  If you’re Jeff Bezos, you have a great skill, but lucked out by being born in the time and place that you were — if Bezos were born in medieval Europe, his skill set would have been useless.