Sunday Wrap-Up

16 08 2009

(1)  An 11-year old got an exclusive interview with President Obama.  Gee, I wonder why.  Now I suppose I can complain about liberal elementary school media bias.

(2)  Dyron L. Hart, a 20-year old black man from Poplarville, Miss. has pled guilty to a Federal felony charge of making threats across state lines.  The scam involved him pretending to be a white supremacist on Facebook, going so far as to download a picture of a real self-proclaimed white supremacist and claiming it as his own.  He then used this fake identity to threaten a black student at Louisiana’s Nicholls State University, because Barack Obama was elected the 45th President of the United States.

I am not providing a link because the article states the name of the U.S. District Court judge who accepted Mr. Hart’s plea.  However, I will quote from the article:

“This is an extremely odd case, a very unusual case,” said U.S. Attorney Jim Letten of the Eastern District of Louisiana. “The contents of the messages were extremely troubling and provocative and very threatening

Wrong answer.  I don’t think it’s an unusual case.  I think (and it in fact was) a racial hoax, one of many, and almost a weekly news occurrence.

What’s more interesting than that is that mediafederallawenforcementsplc are now whining about non-existent right-wing death threats against President Obama.  Did they use this case as an example?  If so, will the SPLC have to give all the money back that it raised based on the false pretense that this was a right-wing death threat, not to the President, but to a black college student because of the election results?

(3)  Oh no, Jeff Smith might be depriving the Missouri Senate of his presence to go work in the Obama White House.  I can perfectly understand why the White House wants to hire him — They need to have more gals on the books to narrow the gender gap.

(4)  There were five shooting incidents in the city of St. Louis during the darkness between sunset Thursday and sunrise Friday.  One of them happened at quarter of two at the Belly Bomber joint on Broadway near Chouteau.  Several men in their early 20s forced a 19-year old man to make an involuntary charitable donation to their cause after having shoved him to the ground and shooting him in the ass.  It’s a shame, because that particular White Castle used to be my 1:45 AM drunker than a skunk fast feeder.  Or not drunk if I was the designated driver.

(5)  The Illinois State Fair opened in Springfield today, a carving of Adolf Lenin in butter is featured.  Thankfully, butter melts pretty quickly in heat.  The P-D states that the Fair “features the traditional mix of junk food, animals and politicians.”  If we’re talking about Illinois politicians, then they must have gotten a weekend furlough from the same kind of cages the animals are in.

(6)  Economists say that a silver lining of recessions is that they squeeze inefficiencies out of the market.  It seems like they also squeeze out stupidity — Chicagograd’s “gun buyback” waste of time and money will only give you half of what it gave you last year for turning in a handgun.  The reason is that donations are down by more than half over last year.

(7)  Channel 5 in St. Louis is dropping its 10 AM newscast and running the Today Show’s all four hours consecutively, so it can make room for yet another upcoming Oprah spinoff — Dr. Oz.  Dr. Phil, also on Channel 5, was an Oprah spinoff a long time ago.  Channel 5 also carries The Oprah herself.  KSDK should hope that there aren’t any more Oprah spinoffs, unless the Earth starts spinning a little more slowly.

(8)  Talk about Blowin’ in the Wind —  Two 20-something Long Branch, N.J. police officers encountered a white man in his late 60s randomly wandering around a minority neighborhood.  The old white man identified himself as Bob Dylan, and the cops couldn’t assign any famous significance to that name.  Yes, it was THE Bob Dylan, the one that the hippie boomers turned into a demigod.  And two 20-somethings didn’t know who the hell he was.  To them, he was just some old coot runnin’ around.  That’s going to be today’s fill in the blank pop tart in 40 years, just an old fart roaming the streets of Los Angeles, Aztlan, with two cops born in the 2020s not having a clue on who he was.

(9)  Hey, all you young people that voted Obama and also like to listen to music and watch movies.  How you likin’ him now?  And how did you like that Supreme Court appointment of his?

(10)  A 20-year old college student from Chicago lied to the FBI that he was approached by boogie woogies about engaging in terrorist attacks in downtown Chicago.  The C-Trib doesn’t say this, but I think he was an over-exuberant FBI informant, who was trying to weasel out of some criminal charges by turning snitch.  He got in a little bit of a hurry.

(11)  An 18-year old New Orleans man who was booked on Friday on suspicion of having murdered a 20-year old man last weekend is described as “part of a multi-generational “crime family” that has plagued a Marrero neighborhood for four decades.”  I’m guessing that “multiple” in this case means more than two, because if it were just two, they would have said the number two specifically.  That begs the obvious question —  How do you fit three (or more) generations of human beings in four decades, unless everybody procreates at the first possible moment they are able to?



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